Friday, 20 January 2012

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

I really need to hold back on the spending. I've got a wedding in South Africa and New York in the next couple of months. Which I'm super excited about.

But it does mean I should reign in the spending.

The fact that finally the sales are petering out and the new spring summer collections are arriving isn't helping things.

Basically because anything that has a flower on it or a pretty pastel shade is calling my name, Siren-like

Like these treats from Reiss.

Plus I saw the look book and I am pretty excited about what is to come.

I need to remember not to get too excited when the first wave comes into the shops, because invariably I will wish I'd held out until I knew what all my options are, rather than splurging the second the new season is in the shops.

But restraint and patience have never been qualities I'm particularly familiar with.

None of this is helping either.

Because all these things are so pretty and I want to go shopping really, really badly.

What can I do to distract myself? Errr....

(Images via Reiss)

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