Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Break a Sweat

My ex used to wear grey hoodies. Pretty much all the time. I wasn't a fan. Well, some were better than others, but there was one that was really oversized and swallowed him up. I hated it. Really, really hated it. To the extent that I asked him not to wear it when I saw him.

Does that make me a crazed fashion (ex)girlfriend? I've always tried to be careful not to be one of those women who tell their partner what to wear. Mostly because I don't want anyone to ever tell me what to wear, and so I wouldn't expect to do that to others. But I drew the line at this one particular item and I banned it. Fortunately he took it in good humour.

So it surprises me to learn that I am craving a sweatshirt. Not a hooded one, but a sweatshirt nontheless. I am not the super casual type so I'm always on the look out for something for the weekend. The J Crew at the top is super cute. And if those jeans weren't quite so skinny I would really like the look. Then the Whistles one is pink, so the association would be less acute.

(Images via J Crew, Whistles, Topshop, River Island)

But could I really live with myself if I've been so critical of it before on someone else?


hayley@project74 said...

If you look hot in one I'd learn to live with it doll face.

Lucinda said...

Now that's love, isn't it? Don't worry your pretty little head about it though, I think I'm already over the idea.