Monday, 16 January 2012

Good as Gold

It's here! The awards season! Oh, so many treats are in store for us. And as the first biggie let's see whether the Golden Globes bodes well for the coming year.

Andrea Riseborough (and Madge)

OK, so not a great start. The combination of Madonna and Andrea's skirts hold enough fabric for about ten regular dresses, but honestly I can't imagine it would be worth the effort seeing as the fabrics in question are vile.

On a more positive note though, facially and, err... hairically, Andrea looks divine. Way to work a red lip.

Anglina Jolie

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Now my mother always taught me that red and white (or oyster, as I suspect this dress is) should never be combined; "blood and bandages" she would shudder. But as with everything there has to be an exception that proves the rule. And here it is. This dress in simply heaven. The shape, the fabric and the swish of colour at the top, then the red on her lip and in her grasp are all just impeccably carried out.

Plus her face is so undeniably beautiful and almost regal. Nearly a perfect score for Mrs Pitt. The one mis-step in my mind? I'm not wild about the shoe. Is it a mule? I would rather a tiny ankle strap, and something less, dye-to-match bridal. You know?

Berenice Bejo

I love the colour. It is so rich and flattering. The dress itself is lovely if a little unadventurous. I like the skirt but the top feels like it could be cinched in and hoiked up to result in something a bit more striking.

Charlize Theron

I think I would love Charlize's dress that much more if it wasn't so mullety, or if it was a thigh slit rather than a gaping chasm. But the very palest pink and the shape otherwise are lovely. Quite twenties feeling without looking costumey. I don't love the shoes, that strap is too thick for my taste, but I'm glad it isn't nude - a trend I am so over. But it wouldn't even be an issue if her legs weren't showing so much.

However, I am pretty much won over by her lovely crystal hairband and the prettiest make up. She looks glorious, fresh and sweet.

Zooey Deschanel

Sure, I know it is Prada but I don't love it one bit. Black satin is not something that I have ever been a fan of outside the bedroom, and even then it seems a bit Tacksville, Ohio, or classic/Norma Desmond. Neither of which sum up Ms Deschanel. The lime green beading is terribly unappealing and then topped off with a beaded white Peter Pan collar - it's the pits.

The only redeeming features are her hair and make up. Bouncy, shiny hair with a flutteringly full lash.  It is a lovely look. But overall, disappointing. As someone likely to shake things up a bit I think she has missed an opportunity.

Kelly Osborne

Oh Kelly, you just never quite get it right, do you? What you do get right is that the colour is lovely and your figure looks great. But then there is the grey/purple rinse hair, the pouffy leg of mutton sleeves and the utter hideousness of what's going on below your knees.  I mean you no harm, but I hope someone trod on that to teach you a lesson and never do that again. Has she done something wrong, I wonder, because this seems like the fashion equivalent of self-flagellation.

 Juliana Marguiles

Juliana, however couldn't have done any better. The unusual colour, simple but elegant shape, made a little more saucy with the cut out back, the subtle hair and make up, the bright colour pop of the earrings and a relaxed and sunny attitude are all utter perfection.

Emily Watson

Emily, you seem like a lovely lady, and you are clearly a great actress, but I get the feeling that you are out of your depth, and that you were an after thought for your stylist. You deserve so much better than a really unflatteringly cut putty coloured sleeveless dress. Great necklace, though.

Emma Stone

All I need to say is: Lanvin. It's a hit.

Evan Rachel Wood

It's quite mature for a girl of Evan's age, but she really carries it off. And it is lovely to see someone in a dark colour among a sea of whites and nudes.

Heidi Klum

Of which one was worn by Heidi Klum. I love that she doesn't feel the need to wear something fitted, as she often does, or get her legs out. She has an amazing figure but can look equally lovely in something that doesn't shout it from the rooftops. With her tan the colour is pretty and shows off the best part - her necklace, which I adore.

Jessica Chastain

I do not like this, not one bit of it. A polo neck sleeveless dress? Heaven preserve us. While the rest might be lovely, particularly the belt, I just cannot see passed that. Plus with cvolour with her skin and hair colour isn't cute, and her hair is so dated and unflattering. No, no, no.

Jessica Alba

I don't love strapless, but the colour and the textured fabric are glorious.

Jessica Biel

Before I get on to the dress, I love Jessica with her new darker locks.

The dress itself is a little Miss Haversham, but pretty.

But it did provide the moment of the night, when Madonna trod on it. This photo above is hilarious, it looks as though they are about smack down. My money is definitely on Madonna.

Kate Beckinsale

 Pretty... boring... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Kate Winslet

Unflattering and dull.

Kelly Macdonald

Understated, laidback and heavenly. Green sequins are having a moment, and considering that she is head to toe in sequins she manages to look as though she isn't trying to hard. Love.

Lea Michele

Not like Lea. Oh for the love of all that is good. This is so hideous there are no words. Please never do this again.

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson - swan slayer. Not a good look.

Michelle Williams

 Sigh? This might be my favourite. Loving the shape, similar to Kelly Macdonald's, but even lovelier colour and texture. Can officially do no wrong.

Particularly loving the hairband, gamine crop and the sweetest, prettiest face in H'wood.

Natalie Portman

While there is something quite Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face about this, and the colour is glorious, and it's Lanvin, this just seems very boring. Sorry.

Rooney Mara

I have been loving Rooney's red carpet dresses, but I don't like this. It combines avant garde with the bondage straps up top but then the black satin valance is a smidge deep south during the American civil war. Not a fan.

But her make up is lovely.

Nicole Kidman

Hey, do you remember when Nicole Kidman was an actress and dressed really nicely? Yes, those were the days.

Nicole Richie

Again, not loving this. I shouldn't be critical as it is Julian Macdonald and he's British and all, but it just seems to make her look larger than she is. Then the hair and make up is really dated. Definitely could look better.

Freida Pinto

 This is so close to being lovely. The colour is really interesting and I don't hate the shape, although it does seem slightly wide in the skirt. But my main objection is that she looks shrunken in it. You know, like fairy tale small, in a Thumbelina kind of way. And that ruins it for me.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

I think this dress is really interesting. The colour and pattern particularly. But it is all ruined by her fembot style hair and make up.

Shailene Woodley

Elegant and pretty, maybe a little bland and old for her, but no real complaints.

Tilda Swinton

Magnificent. Tilda just cannot be beaten when she is on form. It is unusual enough to work for her but it is also unspeakably beautiful. Of course Tilda would go for Haider Ackermann. The colour could make me weep. Love it, love it, love it. That is all.

Viola Davis

Not exciting per se, but flattering and beautiful and she looks just lovely.

Claire Danes

OK, so not wildly exciting, but not terrible either.

Emma Roberts

I love the colour and shoulder cut outs. It is super slinky and youthful.

Reece Witherspoon

Very 80s Barbie ballgown, and quite Wild West brothel with the red satin, but despite all these things I think she miraculously carries it off.

Sofia Vergara

 (Images via Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Elle UK)

I can't quite work out whether I'm happy that Sofia knows what works for her and is just running with it, because she does look amazing, or whether it is getting a bit tired. The bottom of the dress is a little like Kelly Osborne's but here it works much better, maybe due to the folds of the fabric, I don't know. But one thing I do know is that I love the colour.

So all in all I think there were more exciting dresses than not, so I think it's going to be a stellar year. Roll on the next awards ceremony. Woo hoo!

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