Friday, 15 May 2009

The Whole Hogg

Pam! Pammy Pam Pam. Seriously Pam! Paaaaaam. You adorable space age, shrink wrapped Zandra Rhodeseque loon! What gives with dragging the jumpsuits out all over again? And shoehorning poor old Peaches in to one when she has been doing so WELL?

I saw this Claire person bacofoiled up and I thought you might have something to do with it! But it's not the actual outfit that causes me the most grief. I'm happy to see you back actually. No, what offends me most is that I can see the gussety reinforced part of Peaches' hose drooping out from underneath the hotpantish bit. Could you not have helped her hoick those bad boys up a bit Pammy and avoided that whole mess? The devil is in the detail after all. I am bored by these bits popping up on show. Last week I spied a teen in deim hotpants with American Tan tights underneath (suggestion: if it is cold enough to warrant the wearing of a tight perhaps it's too chill for the short also...just a thought. )

Anyway that shorty bit up top (you know what I mean. I have no idea what to brand it as) was WAAAAAAY down below her actual short. It's not a good look. And sadly for us - although not for you Pamela my love - teens are well in to her Peachyness and will follow suit I'm sure, thinking that getting this extra hose-short out on display is de rigueur. I weep for the future. I really do.

(Images via Daily Mail)

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