Thursday, 14 May 2009

Oi! I'm On to You!

(Image via Ads of the World)

I was confused. I scratched my head and furrowed my brow. Why ever is she posting about something so lackadaisically? I could not work it out for the life of me.
Then I looked further. I have nothing to say about these pumps (curious) except that it gives me an excuse to post a picture that oops! I just happen to have saved on my desktop in case of any mermaid based emergencies, of a bronzed Australian rhombus-faced beef cake without much clothing (ah! Suddenly everything becomes clear).
Are you in the habit of trawling the internet cruising for pictures of cakes of the meaty variety? I have an image in my head now of hundreds of pictures of hot young things jostling for your attention all squeezed on to your desktop.
Nice try, but you've been rumbled! Does the Head know what you've been up to?

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