Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cute Hudson Head Rest!

Well! Knock me down and call me...Hayley! Why not? It's what Ann & Stevo had me christened and apart from the hugely comedic references to my own personal comet and the irritating fact that I suffer from the hellish HAYfever (arf arf) it's a perfectly sound name. So yeah! Call me that. And don't actually knock me down. Instead lets just sit quietly, grab our lattes and take a look at Kate Hudson.

NICE! I love this frock. Love love love. I want it. In fact, I want to wear it to the next wedding (we've got another one coming up in June...expect me to start debating what to wear to it any day now...won't THAT be fun?) She has had loads of criticism for it, but I think it's awesome. I have always found KH slightly bland and would much prefer a bit of Goldie. And then there's the love life, I mean FOR REAL? Owen, not Owen, Owen again blah blah ad infinitum. I have no interest. But suddenly I'm starting to question myself.

She also looked mega mega at the Costume-Really-Long- Title do. I ADORE this too. I want to be her NBFF and get a loan of that bad boy. I'm even prepared to listen to the on again off again Oweness. (Well, I'll look like I'm listening, whilst scanning her walk in wardrobe for more delicious finds.)

P.S. I think Liv Tyler might look ace here too, but can't quite work it out. I also don't mind Stella's outfit. She looks as though she might be doing a bit of a drunk lean against KH's HEAD there but I mean, hell! Who hasn't used a pal's skull as leaning post at some point? In fact Kate had better get used to that when we hook up...
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