Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Yeah yeah, I'm back. Brilliant. It's POURING down in London and I am still damp to the shin region from my schlep in to work this morning so I'm not in the best of moods. And there is a really weird smell coming from beneath my desk which is driving me mad. It's not completely unpleasant but it's unusual and I fear change and I don't understand why it is here. So I am slightly distracted and blue.

So whilst I was happy and in Florence I noticed that bloody loads of the Euro Teens are Aztec-ing it up. Really? Do we HAVE to do this again? I understand we're doing the 80's trend thing(serious, 80's is the 'big trend' at least once a year now, does that mean it's still accurate to call it 80's? It's just a sort of perma-bad-taste-era thing isn't it?). I am FINE with shoulder pads. Good, fine. I am not OK with an Aztec print. It's all too Mysterious Cities of Gold for my liking. I couldn't BEAR that programme as a kid and it went on for like, absolutely EVER. Gah!
American Apparel (which I can now pronounce, but still can't work out of I like or absolutely loathe) really want to sell us some Aztec shiz.

(Images via American Apparel)

The Harem pants offend me in particular.

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