Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Leave of (Ab)sense

Oh! I am so very late in posting today. I have been very busy watching the You Tubed opening credits of 'Blossom' on repeat for like, the last two hours. I find them bizarrely comforting. Anyway! That's not what I'm here for. We need to discuss your holiday wear. Hmmm.

The need for things with zips and laces and bought from shops called things like 'Itchy Feet' alarms me precious one And that is why for my little holiday I have made sure that I will be spending my time sitting at pavement cafes and sampling the local Tuscan vino, people watching and not very much more. My dress code for next week is Eurotrash all the way. I'm breaking out the gold sandals and the coral and the overly pink nail. I'm going to channel Donatella. You just watch me. I have posted lovely Antoine in honor. Hi Antoine! What are you doing hanging off that mannequin? What's that?....just looking all louche and insouciant? Oh! Well, super. Carry on!

You can wear your layers of variously textured garments safe in the knowledge that when we return you are BOUND to have a much better calf than me though. And we can put on frocks and show it off and get you rehabilitated. And that (almost) makes it worth it.

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