Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Show Us Yer Titfer!

I agree with you about Madge. I quite like what she is wearing too. Although that might be because I am just relieved to see her wearing something that isn't a leotard.

Interestingly, while her head furniture reminds me of the Philip Tracey that graced SJP's head, I think that Madge looks a lot better with the crazy bird type thing perched on her noggin than Miss Parker did. Madge has never struck me as being particularly high fashion, so that is a pleasant surprise.

What I do not like, though, are her arms. A bit too Herb Ritts for my liking.

As to the others, I hate Liz's dress, I prefer Emma's though think it is a little bland, and am really alarmed by Sasha. Does that wrap it up?

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