Tuesday, 12 May 2009

American Tan

Do you know, I have been umming and ahhing over this little number for the last week. I just....er.....well! One minute I love it, but then I start to hate it again. It's the strangeness of the sleeve that has got me. That weird nude effect fabric always makes me feel a little unnerved. It's the hemmy bits that I find a bit distasteful. They make me think of scrunched up, used, American Tan pop socks, and if there's one thing I don't want to think about right now, it's THOSE.

Ice skaters are forever in that nudey stuff. And they even have nudey tights that extend over their boots which just freak me the HELL out. Look at Samantha Mumba and Sarah Greene below. I mean, Sarah! She at least should know better. They look so pleased with themselves. Oddness!

So, yeah. I hate it. But I like it at the same time. I like the zip in particular. It's just the floaty arm things and the opp sock neck that don't do it for me. SHE looks fabulousness itself though. What amazing legs!

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