Thursday, 7 May 2009


(Image via Zimbio)

I couldn't agree MORE. Why anyone would want to go and camp in a field when there are chairs to be sat on in sunny back gardens with working facilities and an IPOD on shuffle, I have no idea. The Head and I recently had this conversationi:

"Hey! There's a fabulous festival on in Brighton this summer, do you wanna go?"
"Fat Boy Slim is playing" (plus eager grin and encouraging head nodding.)
"Just kill me now then, and go alone. Please."

I've got to say, festivals aren't kind to burlesque girls are they? Much better that they stay at home with us and drink pink fizz next to some flowering bougainvillea and lament the skinking of heels into freshly mown lawns being out biggest woe and let the Chloe's and Mischa's get on with it, shall we? Rather!

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