Friday, 1 May 2009

Rebel Yell!

I adore a biker jacket darling. Especially with a floatsome frock. I am not so keen on the blue suede, mostly because it reminds me of something that Kylie Minogue would wear. But perhaps I'm being slightly churlish this morning because I woke up at the exact time that I should have been hopping on the train to get to work meaning I had to belt it round the house throwing cosmetics in the vague direction of my face, slinging on clothes and then RUNNING to the station. Run. Ning. And now I am hayfeverish and my eyes are STREAMING and people keep looking at me pitifully, as though I'm weeping, and well they might, because there is a good chance I may well do so in about 10 more minutes. And I have only had two coffees and that's JUST NOT ENOUGH to get me perked up of a morning. Gah! So anyway, what I'm saying is, it's actually not a bad jacket despite the blue and the suede and the Minogueness and I can imagine you carrying it off nicely La Kerr.

Personally, I am thinking of picking up some sunglasses and customising my biker's arms like Billy.

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