Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Dear Dorothy

(Image via Hero Kids)

What is it with us and Dorothy Perkins at the moment? She doesn't half keep cropping up. Weird! You don't hear a peep for years and now it's Dorothy this, Dorothy that...

I like that bag. I can't tell how big it is or how potentially offensive the pleather straps may be, but as you've seen it in the real I take it you've settled both of those issues in your mind. The colour is also good. Just remember to transfer Oyster cards / purses etc if you're going to be working an alternative bag.

Oddly enough I was clearing out my old bags at the weekend and found a rather fabulous bright turquoise leather job, which I bought years ago. I think I love it and it's BIG. Not big enough to kill me though. I'm not crazy!
(Image via LA Times)

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