Wednesday, 13 May 2009

J'adore l'armoire!

(Images via Fab Sugar)

Aha! Now. A few ladies were wearing those bloody rotten shoes at that do. Aren't they just revolting? It's the ball on the heel that just kills me every time. It exists solely to add insult to injury.
I too loathe that heel shape. Madonna sported a (less) curvular heel at last years Cannes - clearly it was a warning sign of the state of things to come. It reminds me of overly curlicued furniture. Sort of like, LOOK! It's the Madonna-as-armoire era! No!
(Image via House to Home)

I do LOVE Vicky's hue though. I am intending to get myself that shade of mahogany in time to head to the hen party tomorrow. I am hoping that extreme colouration will detract from the textural issues that affect my bottom area (there is a hot tub you see, so swimwear will be involved and I didn't find out in enough time to lay off the cheese and wine and improve matters. Damn it!) I shall be locking myself in the salle de bains tonight with as many cans of Ambre Solaire as it takes. I have unlimited patience when it comes to textural emergencies.

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