Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sac a Main

I think you are probably very aware that since I got my glorious Hayden Harnett bag that the thing has barely been off my shoulder. And in some ways I am inclined to keep it perched up there until it is no more. But I have a couple of concerns. Will I limit its life by carrying it every live long day? Will I be able to cope following its demise? Will I ever be able to carry a bag that isn't quite so big and with so many useful pockets? The one (I kid you not) day since getting it last October that I didn't use it, and experimented with my previous favourite, I lamented its absence all day. I worry that I am getting too dependent and you know how I am about dependence. Yes, it is a dirty word round my gaff.

(Image via Dorothy Perkins)

So maybe I need to seek out more options. Weirdly, while shopping for clothes for a bump (my sister's, not my own) I found this in Dorothy Perkins, and I rather like it. It is quite small but not ridiculously so, and reasonably priced, so possibly ideal for a little experimentation. You know, just in case I wear it only once and then run back to the HH like a little girl running back to mummy after her first day at school.

What are your thoughts?

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