Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Song and Dance

I love this! I think it just made my day!


Copp-o-load of This!

Now there've been some weddings this year. The D of C, Zara, erm... some other royals, Kim Kardashian, Petra Ecclestone...

But the best dress? Hmmm. Now you know I loved the D of C's. Loved it. But it is no longer the winner. And while Petra Ecclestone's reportedly cost £130,000, it didn't get my vote either.

So whose? Whose?! I hear you yell. Well, I'll put you out of misery, because I'm sure you Just. Can't. Guess.

Uh-huh, Sofia Coppola's. Obviously. She's just the coolest bride that I've seen in pretty much forever. Seriously, look at her. That skirt it is just so swooshy and marvellous. I want it.

And then she changed into a lovely red frock. Understated, elegant.

(Via Grazia)

And just so pretty and happy. What more could any bride ask for? Except having Alaia on speed dial to whip up a frock for you. Lucky girl.

Gut Instinct

So, support clothing for men...? Or compression wear as Equmen are calling it.

In their words:

EQUMEN enables men of the world to be at their best. Using the latest high performance athletic technologies, our precision-fit seamless compression wear is engineered to optimise and energise the body, from street to sport, work to weekend.
Designed with physiotherapy and ergonomic insights, EQUMEN products immediately improve health, well-being and visible appearance. It's about looking sharp and living smart. Every man, every day, every wear.

(Images via Equmen)

Sounds a bit more serious than the label they've been landed with - Manx ie. Spanx for men.

Now every article I have read about what women's views are on them is that they'd rather have a bit of a fatty than a vain idiot who wants to squeeze his love handles up into his arm pits.

Admittedly that might well be what men think about the women's version. But as a proud (OK, that might be stretching the truth a bit), so let's just leave it at this - as an owner of a pair of Spanx I really don't want to get into that discussion.

But beyond being on one side or the other on the compression debate I feel bad for the lovely people of the Isle of Man. Their proud Manx heritage being confused with suck-in-your-gut pants for dudes. It's not a great association, is it?

So for any Manxmen reading this, take a few deep breaths, look at these lovely pictures of where you live and everything will be ok. Promise.

(Images via Defined Light)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Learning Curve

I'm generally not too sure how I feel about a curved heel. For the most part I think it is old fashioned. I love the Alexandre Birman above. Except not so much the heel.

But good old Miuccia Prada might sway me.

Because I am really charmed by the heel shape of the new Miu Miu collection.

Mostly because the heel curves out instead of in. And it's chunky. It's not trying to be pretty and delicate. It marvellously combines a retro feel with something very modern.

(Images via Shoerazzi and Net a Porter)

I am particularly hot under the collar for these with the bow on the side. Swit, swoo!

Plus, I reckon I'd manage not to fall over in them. And that's always got to be a good thing.

Soothe the Savage Beast

Have you heard the rumours that following a petition to bring the Met's Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition to London there are talks to find somewhere to show it?

Please let this be true. Fingers crossed, people!

(Via Daily Telegraph and

Tickled Pink

I can't hide it any longer. I am lusting after pink hair.

Which is surprising, as I had pink hair in my final year at university (AKA, get all your fashion crazy over with in case you have to have a proper job). I loved it. Until some little scroats on my east end housing estate started singing Get the Party Started behind me one day. These were the days before they were full of hipsters and the locals got used to the weirdly dressed. I didn't have the nerve to point out that Pink didn't actually have pink hair in that video. I wasn't convinced they would be swayed by my pedantry.

Sadly the experience persuaded me to dye it black instead.

But I really love these candy colours. Particularly the softer shades. Mine was shockingly fuschia which I probably wouldn't recommend for myself nowadays.

I even quite like Katy Perry's pink/purple thing. Particularly with the very grown-up glamourous hairstyle. This isn't something that I am going to say (write?) too often, so pay attention - I think she looks awesome. Well. Neck up, anyway.

And the super pale pink that Ellie Goulding is experimenting with is almost practical for those with jobs outside the public eye.

Britain (and Ireland's) Next Top Model is in on the act (of course I watch it! Pretty girls, fashion and bitching. It's like televisual catnip for me.), and on the meanest girl of the bunch. Love it!

(Images via Daily Telegraph, Go Fug Yourself and

So while a 32 year old woman who works in finance should almost certainly not be entertaining thoughts of having pink hair, secretly I'm dye-ing to do it. (Fnarr, fnarr!)

Friday, 26 August 2011

Skid Row

I like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I am charmed by them and their love of fashion.

And I think I would probably be more inclined to take a look at their designs than, say, your Lohan and her raggedy leggings collection. Honestly, how much designing do leggings need?

But I don't think I knew quite how much notice I should take of them.


Because the autumn/winter collection for the Row is seriously covetable. I love it. And want it. Quite badly.

Janelle of a Girl

Janelle Monae has to be one of the coolest girls on the planet right now.

Did you see her at Glastonbury?

Uber cool, non?

The styling. The monochrome. The androgyny.

The dancing. The pompadour.

Harrods clearly have their eye on her. Because they've used the image below to sell the androgynous thing this season. Which looks like a direct tribute to Janelle above.

(Via Harrods)

Don't get me wrong, I love it but it's not super original, is it?

Off the Cuff

Hmmm, what do I need? What do I really need? Woollen cuffs for my wellington boots, apparently.

Well, thaks to Accessorize, at least I know where to get some. Phew!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Knee Jerk Reaction

I think a major part of my winter wardrobe will be based around two things.

(Via Jigsaw)

The brown knee high boot and the mid length skirt.

I'm thinking quite 70s boho.

With chunky knits and maybe a fur gilet here or there. And maybe a hat.

(Via Comptoirs des Cotonniers)

I just think it is such a great silhouette, and feminine without being prissy. Because I think I might be close to bidding adieu to my attempts at jeans casual.

I've loved the midi-skirt and knee high boots look since seeing this picture of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Isn't it utterly chic?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

That Hits the Spot

It has happened. I have succumbed to the first a/w trend.

No prizes for guessing which one.


Yup, it is the polka dot. Not courtesy of Marc Jacobs, sadly.

(Via Comptoir des Cotonniers)

But from Comptoir des Cotonniers, the dress on the right.

Oh yeah! Roll on autumn!