Wednesday 31 July 2013


(Image by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin)

I am a huge fan of Bjork, and if this photo is anything to go by her upcoming Biophilia tour is going to be epic. Gaga who?

Monday 29 July 2013

Put a Sock in it

(Image via The Daily Telegraph)

I can't quite believe I am saying this because it is going against one of the most fundamental rules of fashion, but I really like socks with sandals here. Rest assured though, in most other contexts it is still an abberation.

Friday 26 July 2013

I See Paris, I see Francis

I love a sportswear trend, but have more or less given up on it because I just don't think I can pull it off. But I am inspired once again by Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge who is wearing the hell out of it. I'm sure having that body and particularly those leggggggsss doesn't hurt. Swoon!

For the Sheer Heck of it

I'm not entirely sure who Harley Viera Newton is but I know she always looks fabulous. And in a feminine and natural kind of way which I aspire to. So while sheer panels would not suggest demure femininity to me, Ms Newton (or Viera Newton???) has proven it possible. I want to copy and Topshop has kindly obliged with this skirt which I love. Think I could carry it off?

Pony Up

(Image via Clarks)

I have not been overly tempted to go shopping recently. For a number of reasons. I don't have a job. It is too hot to be in the shops when you can be under a tree reading a book in the shade. I'm not going on holiday and so am not in the market for racks of sale clothes that are only suitable for Marbs. The autumn and winter collections are starting to come in and I have absolutely no interest in thinking about that yet. I am happily sweating and working on my tan right now, thank you very much.

But the tide might be starting to turn because I have seen these Clarks shoes and I love them. Not quite enough to wish that it was suitable whether to wear them, but enough to dream about snapping them up and then taking them out and stroking the faux pony until such a time as I might be able to wear them at a suitable temperature. It is always this time of year when I start lusting after things that are wildly unsuitable but that you just have to have in case they are snapped up before you can buy them and then you live in regret all winter, knowing that item would have made your life 100% better. Hmm, do I put too much importance in clothes?...!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Let's Get it (Vuitt)on

How could I possibly have forgotten how gloriously beautiful and loveable Michelle Williams is? Thank you Louis Vuitton for reminding me. Bliss.

(Images via The Daily Telegraph) 

Tangled Web(ster)

I have a new shoe obsession. The crazy fabulous treats of Sophia Webster. Aren't they insanely wonderful?
 And now it all makes sense. Because I just found out that she assisted my other shoe obsession - Sir Nicholas of Kirkwood. Ah-haaa!
 I know they are kind of nuts but you just couldn't be blue with such a shoe on your foot.

(Images via Harvey Nichols, Matches, Net a Porter)

Thursday 11 July 2013

Drille Sergeant

(Image via Vogue)

These Tory Burch espadrilles just seem like the most perfect shoe for summer. Great colour combination and a rope soled shoe speaks volumes of wafting about the Amalfi Coast pretending you are Gwyneth in The Talented Mr Ripley. Yes please, I'll have a bit of that!

Reign Check

It is the Coronation Festival this weekend, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Liz's coronation.

To commemorate the occasion John Lewis have released some sketches from their collection of 1953 and have made these dresses up for the coronation catwalk event. Oh lord I'd love it if we still dressed like this. Heaven.

(Images via Stylist)

For Crying Out Loud

I love a bit of nude and neon. So Rosamund Pike is definitely in my good books with these amazing shoes. Bliss. She really is quite the expert in looking demure but not in the least dull. I am very much taking notes. 

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Tattoo Clever by Half

I love tattoos. I have one and would like to get more at some stage. And I love them on other people.

There are definitely tattoos that aren't to my taste, but then there are many tastes and that aren't. But they kind of tattoos and the kind of people who sport tattoos are so varied that I don't think you can really make any sweeping judgements. So this article about women and tattooing made me very happy.

(Images via

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Play it Cool

(Image via Vogue)

There are certain women (I suspect not a lot of them British) who can just deal well with the heat. I envy them. As I mentioned, I am a sweaty mess just trying to make the best of it. These lucky young ladies manage to look infinitely cooler, and, you know, cooler.

Monday 8 July 2013

Rise and Shine

Oh my gosh it's hot. I'm in London, at work, and it's sweltering.

If only I looked as delightful as this lady with a sweaty face. She definitely shines rather than sweats. I do not. Definitely sweaty. The make up is going to have to go. It is positively running off my face. I don't care what people say, no matter how much pressed powder you use nothing is going to stop it from heading south.

I wish I was lying by a pool supping cocktails. Sheesh.

The Winner Takes it All

(Image via Daily Mail)

After the furore of a certain BBC presenter's derogatory comments about Marion Bartoli's looks, she played an absolute blinder at the Wimbledon Winner's Ball in a super sexy dress and looked AM. MAY. ZIIIIIING! 

All credit to the lady for not being bothered about being groomed to perfection on the court and focusing on doing what her actual job is. And doing it better than anyone else. How's that for sticking it to the critics? Then showing that, on top of that, she's pretty hot too.

Quite frankly I hope that all the muppets being unpleasant about her on Twitter get a nasty infection.