Monday, 28 October 2013

Everybody Loves a Dame

I am loving Kelly Osbourne's Dame Edna costume for Halloween!

Face Off

(Images via Chris Lobina/Sky Living

Lord knows I love a modelling programme. I don't know what it is, I can't get enough of them even though they are exquisitely trashy.

I hadn't managed to catch any of the UK version of The Face but they repeated the first few episodes yesterday and boy, they were stonkers. 

For one thing Naomi Campbell is so impossibly mean. 

Obviously being the most famous model the show is all about her. This seems somewhat unfair on the other mentors. Admittedly I haven't heard of Caroline Winberg but Erin O'Connor is certainly no slouch.  While the format for XXX's Next Top Model means that you get to know more about the contestants, The Face's mentors get much more attention, particularly Ms Naomi "I'm in a ming" Campbell.

It is definitely interesting seeing how the mentors manage the shoots, but I'm not sure I necessarily want to see them so much and the rookies actually modelling so little. Even after having seen four episodes I don't think I know which of the girls are particularly strong. The only ones who have made much of an impression have done so less because of their ability and more because of the scraps. While that supposedly makes for good tv it is only interesting for a very limited period, surely.

My highlight so far is the lovely Erin O'Connor. She's just very nice and seems to care about the job in hand. While Naomi is all stomping around throwing fits and intimidating everyone she seems more concerned about people's wellbeing than sensationalism. So she'll probably be out after this series because people are far more interested in diva histrionics. And that's a shame.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cut and Run


When the cut-out and be-buckled Balenciaga came out (was it last winter?) I thought they were hideous.

But with time and exposure to them (or the same style at any road) in real life situations I am starting to really like them.

A major influence was a young lady I have been working with who was wearing them with dresses and looking really super feminine but tough, which is a style of dressing I have an awful lot of time for.

Jil Sander

I have to say I'm tempted.

KG Kurt Geiger

Not having loads of money at the moment is kind of a blessing because I really can't buy anything. So I can fantasise, mull things over without having to commit to a particular look. While I suspect I would never be brave enough to wear these, in my head I'm wearing the hell out of them and looking pretty awesome at the same time, thank you very much.

If some money ever trickles in sufficiently to fund a shopping trip I'll see if I am still so enamoured.


Less is More

I have long appreciated Sophie Hulme bags from afar. I have perved over them online, stalked them through many an online boutique, peeped on them in more than one fashion magazine, I confess. I'm not proud of my behaviour.

But I have never met one in person, never clapped eyes on their luscious leathery appeal, never run my hands over their beautiful minimal form, never beheld their true glory.

Until Tuesday.

I tell you, I might never be the same.

These bags are so heavenly I think I may have been changed on a fundamental level.

They are so clean and minimal and perfect, with glorious, interesting colours. The mind boggles as to why anyone would want a bag with loads of hardware or bag charms or anything that needs to be shout to be heard.

These bags are confident in their inherent quality. They know they'll seduce without having to cheapen themselves with frivolity. They are classic and elegant and oh so dreamy. Sigh!

The best part is that they are not insanely expensive. Sure, they aren't cheap, they don't compare with anything on the high street, but for a designer bag with this kind of quality, design, workmanship and materials they are an absolute bargain. I kid you not.

I am getting old. I want things that suit my age and are going to hang out with me for some time to come. Honestly, I would rather buy nothing and save to buy something beautiful that will last.

A Sophie Hulme bag is now top of that list. I think it's love.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Shelter from the Storm

I've got one of these...

And the day is like this...

With a bit of this thrown in for good measure...

I would really quite like to be in bed...

But there are things to be done so up and at 'em I must go.

The thing to get me through? Dreaming about knitwear. Here are some fantasy items. Hmmm, snuggly! I almost feel better already!

Comptoir des Cotonniers




Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Marant and Rave

I would love to own something by Isabel Marant. Her clothes are wearable and cool and I feel as though I would look ever so slightly tough in them. Which I would quite like.

I'm not massively tempted by the H&M collab because I don't generally like the fabrics they use, and don't feel like paying over the odds for H&M quality because it has a designer attached.

But the campaign images are pretty amazing. Got to give them that.

And I'm sure it will be very popular. Are you sharpening your elbows to get a piece of the action?

(Images via Refinery29)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Costume Drama

Calling all parents!

If you are dressing up your children for Halloween head to H&M for the best Halloween costumes for children I have ever seen. You can choose from tattooed sailor, mermaid, Marie Antoinette (with pug handbag), Mr & Mrs Beetlejuice, skeleton and bat.

They are amazing, don't you agree?

It is part of the All for Children collaboration between H&M and Unicef and 25% of the proceeds will go to Unicef so it's not just about beating all the other mummies when your kid rocks out the best damn costume at nursery. (Even though they will.)

Now, if only I could get them to make me an grown-up-sized mermaid outfit I would be as happy as a clam!

(Images via Trendland)