Thursday, 31 January 2013

Reiss's Pieces

I seem to go through stages with shops of either loving them or being slightly indifferent. And when I am slightly indifferent it takes a bit of a memory jog to realise that it might have just been a bad season or a season that just wasn't putting out what you wanted to pick up, and that it might be time to give them a second chance.

Take Reiss for instance, I have definitely put it into the category of dresses for weddings where undoubtedly someone else at the wedding will be wearing it or own it or know someone who owns it, and another category of slightly saucy office attire that is decidedly inapproriate for work outside London (or probably New York).

So I was pleasantly surprised on a recent visit in to find so many treats. The shoes above could almost be Celine.

And there are some glorious colours, with more treats in their look book to come.

Resiss are definitely back on my short list shops for the season, which is particularly exciting when I have more or less only been shopping in Comptoir for the last year. And love it as I do it is still nice to mix it on up. So yay!
(Images via Reiss)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top Marks

I am trying to save my pennies at the moment, but of course I still want to shop. So what's the solution?

The cheaper shops that I used to patronise just seem way to young and trendy for me, old trollop that I am.

But what's this? Marks and Spencer you say? A Peter Pilotto-a-like geometric patterned dress and adorable patterned and bow-bedecked pumps?

Fabulous, no? I might just have found the answer.
(Images via Marks & Spencer)

Check Mate

Slebs have been going mad for the Louis Vuitton spring summer 2013 collection. I love seeing such different looks on the red carpet, and it shows that it isn't a difficult trend to carry off (Kristen's short shorts aside).

I love it. So fresh and exciting and new. I hope someone on the high street rips it off is inspired by it.

(Images via,

Monday, 21 January 2013

On Your Bike

I had more fun on my lunch breaks last week than I have had in a lunch break for a while. I was tearing around Bath trying out bicycles from the lovely John's Bikes.
And I treated myself to one, for my commute to my new job. I am beyond excited.
But now there is one problem.
Because while in my cycling fantasies I would scoot around looking glamourous like the lady above (yes, I said fantasies) I think in reality I need to be a smidge more practical.
Just a smidge, mind, I am not quite ready for lurid jackets and bum pad trousers, although I will be rocking a helmet. But there has to be some middle ground, where I can be comfortable but still look reasonably attractive. And I fear that means trousers.
Of which I own very few. On one of my lunchtime adventures I wore a knee length skirt which rode up to my thighs as I rode and excited a few glances. I am still willing to experiment to see if I can make skirts and dresses work, seeing as they make up 90% of my wardrobe but I think I will definitely have to be prepared to go the way of the pantaloon more often than not. I suppose I can always change once I'm off the bike.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Golden Rule

Amy Adams
Yay! It is that time of year again. When all is grey and bleak we have awards season (aka fantasy dress perving season) to cheer us along. And with the golden globes we get our first proper taste of how it will go from here.
I think we have started well, I am feeling optimistic, and in that vein I will only discuss the dresses I loved. Even though I probably could wax lyrical about J-Lo's naked dress or Jessica "droopy boobs" Chastain's Calvin Klein Collection dress that suggests that someone upset their stylist at just the wrong time... So positive, positive, positive!
Let's start - lovely Amy, great colour, great hair and I don't even mind the tulle fish tail which is really saying something.
Anne Hathaway
I love her hair, and the dress is super elegant and classy.  It's happening.
Barbara Palvin
I'm not aware of this young lady (apparently a model) but I want to get to know that dress. Intimately. Hey there!
Emily Blunt
Truly, this woman can do no sartorial wrong. And if you have evidence I don't want to see it. A difficult dress to carry off, but she rocks it. Hard.
Dame Helen of Mirren
Swit swoo missy. Slinky and lovely gold detail. It's a winner.
Jessica Alba
Peachy perfection. Not quite sure about the flufyy, feathery bag, but whatevs. Forgive and forget.
Jessica Alba
Our Jess hit on another winner at the after party. Another celeb working the Louis Vuitton. Zing!
Kerry Washington
Seriously relishing her Django Unchained red carpet opportunities, she is on fire! Love, love, love this Miu Miu. My favourite look of the night.
Lucy Liu
I know this got a lot of flack but I think it is insanely divine!
Marion Cotillard
A vision in orange Dior. Lovely.
Michelle Dockery
This dress is so heavenly I can barely contain myself. That detailing at the top is a seriously wow moment.
Naomi Watts
Standing out from the crowd in burgundy.
Nicole Richie
Very much enjoying the full length sleeve and pretty colour.
Nikki Reed
I was this dress. Want it. Want it. Want it. WANT IT!
That is all.
Sienna Miller
Having been apathetic/hostile towards Sienna Miller for some time I was entirely won over by her in The Girl. And I continue to be by this Erdem. Risk taking but pretty at the same time. I love this look.
Zooey Deschanel
Bit of an oops moment with a similar dress to Jennifer Laurence, but Zooey's version wins out for me.
So there are my thoughts, what about yours? Any favourites?
(Images via Elle UK)

Raise the Bar

I know it might not be that clear in this picture but believe me when I tell you that young Bella Heathcote here is wearing an unbelievalby sexy pair of shoes. Pointy toed t-bars. Yowza! They are fierce.
I think it might well be time to revisit the t-bar.
Giuseppe Zanotti
Jimmy Choo
Nicholas Kirkwood
Nicholas Kirkwood
Sophia Webster
(Images via The Daily Telegraph, Net a Porter, Matches)

Friday, 11 January 2013

New in Town

Isn't it exciting when you find out about a designer? Particularly when their work is utterly fabulous. I bring you the spring summer collection for Dion Lee, an Australian designer showing at London fashion week.
I would snap up this whole collection in a heartbeat.
Modern and directional but also easy to wear (with the exception of the crop tops, ahem, and also maybe the 3-D jackets).
I am very excited to see what he has in store.
(Images via