Monday, 31 October 2011

As Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The clocks going back make me think of nothing more than wanting to cosy up in my bed. And for the first time ever I am thinking about how nice a warm dressing gown would be. My current dressing gown is a very light silk kimono. Which I love. But it does nothing to keep me warm.

But the thought of getting up and wrapping myself in a cosy dressing gown just seems super appealing. Not a white towling one. They just remind me of spas or hotels. They aren't very homey.

But any one of these would fit the bill. Hmmm! It makes me want to get into my pjs just looking at them. And if I was feeling particularly silly, I might pair one with these delightful slippers. This is my strategy for surviving the winter.
(Images via Toast)

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, it's not too late if you want to find an outfit for Halloween. Channel Thriller-era MJ with this Alexander Wang jacket.

Oh, sorry, ignore me, apparently this jacket isn't a joke. My mistake.

On the Hoof

(Image via Daily Mail)

I understand what a break up can do to a girl. And much as I don't like to kick someone while they're down I feel the need to make something clear. Nicole, I can assure you, ugly Aztec wedged hoofs are not going to make you feel better.

Pop your pjs on and eat something fashioned out of melted cheese. That'll do the trick.

The Best is Paillette to Come

Marc Jacobs and Prada brought us paillettes for autumn/winter. And they look fabulous. But I wasn't convinced they had a practical real life application.

Until I found this puppy. Isn't it heaven? Statementy with the paillettes (which make the most delightful rustling sound) but neutral coloured. With a pair of cropped cigarette trousers and a lady like heel, I think we are on to a winner for a night on the town outfit.

(Images via and Marks and Spencer)

And where did I procure this beauty? Good old M&S. Would you Adam and Eve it?! Dead chuffed I was when I found it. Just need to make some friends here so I can be invited out somewhere I can wear it.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Aqua Vitae

(Image via Daily Telegraph)

Oh my days, I love this skirt. It is last season's Jil Sander on the high street. Hubba, hubba! This would be heaven for a Christmas party. How much classier would you look in this outfit with some offensively brash jewellery than all those bright young things squeezing themselves into tiny scraps of sequins?

Bless Your Cotonniers Socks

I was out looking for knitwear. With the cold weather all I want to think about is enveloping myself in copious amounts of wool. But as is always the way I ended up with something entirely different.

Namely the dress above but in the colour of the skirt below. It is heaven. And has made dyeing my hair brown worthwhile because that colour really wouldn't have worked on me as a blonde.
(Images via Comptoir des Cotonniers)

I just have to work out what to wear it with. It's a tricky colour. So far all I have come up with is gold jewellery and my bronze waist belt. That would work, wouldn't it? And a mustard coloured blazer? Or would that be too much? Hmmm, might need an experimental trying on sesh.

Because She's (Bos)worth it!

(Image via Go Fug Yourself)

I know that Kate Bosworth is more famous for her skills as a clothes horse than as an actress right now, but if she does it this well is that any bad thing?

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Boot's on the Other Foot

 What is it that makes shopping for certain items nigh on impossible? Take my current black boot dilemma. I have bought and then returned three pairs so far this year. I'm in the shop (after a lot of searching) and each time I am sure that I have found the right pair. I take them home and oh, no, I don't like them after all. Or they work with skirts but not with trousers. Or they are too rock and roll and then when paired with my girly dresses just look ridiculous. Or are fabulous but probably too fabulous to be practical on a daily basis.
Am I asking too much of the poor things? I want them to be comfortable, warm, keep my feet dry, stylish and work with skirts and trousers. Surely that's not too much to ask.

 Particularly as on my search for the perfect black pair I came across the perfect brown pair. They're from Camper, so they're super comfortable, and they might not be winning any major fashion awards they look equally nice with dresses and jeans. But you can't wear brown with everything, try as I might. So I need a black pair. But it just seems impossible.
(Images via Kurt Geiger)

I really don't think the right pair exists. But I'll keep on the search. You mark my words.

Snake Charmer

(Image via Whistles)

Hey fashion fans, sorry for my absence... What? You hadn't noticed? Oh. OK. As you were...

Well anyhoo, I have had a fun filled few weeks of being unceremoniously booted out of my job, the ensuing unemployment, a couple of doses of stomach flu and moving to a new city. So apologies for the lack of CONC action, but breath a sigh of relief for I have returned, full of stored up fashion based enthusiasm.

And while I don't have a job and therefore should not be spending money I am dedicated to bringing you up to the minute fashion news and so I will slave bravely on in the face of destitution and I will SHOP! You are welcome. (Plus I'm crashing at my parents' digs so I'm not actually going to be out on the streets for the sake of a frock or two.)

So on to business. The business of snakeskin. As I'm sure you have not been able to ignore snake is the print of a/w. I have been lusting after it for some time but couldn't find the right piece. And was thinking about the trend cop out strategy of going for a more subtle accessory take on the trend. But you know me, I'm no shrinking violet, I have no interest in subtlety, so BAM! All print all the time, and I have treated myself to this delicious Whistles dress. Plus, jewell colours! Or is it the wine hued trend? Who can say? But hmmm! Love. It. Particularly as it gives a nod to the Chloe trend without, you know, full on headbutting it. You dig?

Doubting Thomas

One of my least favourite trends of recent years was when Britney started communicating via the marvellous medium of the slogan t shirt. Fortunately it didn't catch on. Probably something to do with her visible mental unravelling at the time. Much as fashion might love a little bit of crazy, it really doesn't love it that much.

So now Britney is hopefully of more sound mind and we can put this unpleasantness behind us.

What the...?

Oh, Imogen. While everyone was defaming you, I defended your name. I didn't think it was fair how you were raked through the mud. And how do you repay me? By adopting Britney's crazy t shirt schtick. Not cool.

(Images via Daily Mail)

Plus, just as a tip, if you are trying to portray yourself as the innocent party these tactics aren't really going to sell it. You know?