Friday, 29 July 2011

Baby Gaga

Ha! Gaga has been boring me slightly recently.

So I'm very glad to see she is back on form with her spoof baby clothing range, Gaga Goo Goo.

These pictures have officially made my day.

(Via Daily Telegraph)

No Cam Do

I read an article recently with Camille Bidault Waddington, the stylist, where she said the the least fashionable thing she wore was Uggs and how much she loved them and that people who were snobby about them were masochistic fools.

(Via Uggs Australia)

Hurumpf. Well, be that as it may... I have made my position very clear when it comes to the Ugg, and there can be no backing down. Ever.

But I see her point. When it is cold what could be more alluring than the thought of sinking your feet into a shearling boot?

So, instead of having to do the hugest backtrack in the history of all the world, I have decided to look at boots that have a similarity, but are not Uggs, or Kiwi Boots or whatever they're called, or any other copy cat alternative.

But what about the Quoddy boot?

Wouldn't they be warm and lovely? And would almost work with dresses. But are they significanlty different from the Ugg? Could I get away with them and not be laughed out of town by all those who have heard me go off on one a million times about how much I hate Uggs and how my feet will never be encased in them, and that I will never make that hateful dragging, schlepping sound that marks out the inflicted as they drag their sorry feet around?

(Via Net a Porter)

Am I taking this too seriously? Should I just say, hey, you know what? I like them, and to hell with what you all think?

I mean, in the nicest possible way, of course...!

A Walk in the Park(a)

It seems that every year as winter is drawing in (or, you know, mid-summer) I start having fantasies about parkas. Well this year I really have something to drool over with the birth of the.... (drumroll) ... posh parka!

Like these ones by Altuzarra. I love them. A bit luxe. A bit grungey. But super practical, go with everything, warm and dry. Love them. Must have one.

I like the luxe idea. Good with dresses, but makes you look less slobby in casual clothes. I think I have found my must have item of the new season.

(Via Style)

Apparently the inspiration for the Altuzarra parkas was Kate Moss in the 90s wearing it over evening dresses.

And that was the era when I still liked La Moss, so I think I'm ok with that.

(Via Vogue)

And if the Altuzzara one is too hideously expensive then Diesel Black Gold do something along the same lines.

(Via Diesel)

If only it had a big furry collar too. Coz I'd want that. Obvs.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Head Over Heel

(Via Kurt Geiger)

I'm not sure how I feel about this shoe. Maybe too 80s or shiny or something. But I know I love that heel. Isn't it nasty looking? Like it would cut you if you looked at it the wrong way.

(Via Net a Porter)

But then Annie showed me these. And I think the Kurt Geiger's pale into insignificance. Now that's a GODDAMN pair of boots, no?


I know that the sun is shining and it is really far too early to be thinking about winter clothes (like that's stopped me. Pah!) but all I want to think about is enveloping my body in snuggly knitwear.

(Via Asos)

(Via Whistles)

(Via Reiss)

Saving Grace

I am beyond excited by the thought of Grace Coddington's memoirs. There is a life that might well be worth reading about.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fly by the Seat of Your Pants

My current bugbear is the combination of short shorts and knee high boots. I just don't like it.

Leather knee high boots are for winter. In summer they just smack of athlete's foot.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If it's hot enough for one, it's too hot for the other. Can we just listen to me? Please?!

Shock and Orange

Surely nothing could do a better job of chasing the threat of a grey winter away than an Opal Fruits-inspired colourful coat. Loving the Burberry Prorsum.

(Via Net a Porter)

But the J Crew is probably more my speed, financially speaking.

It's a Mystery

Hey young detectives, I need your help! I love the shoes on the Whistles website below, but helpfully they aren't from Whistles and Whistles don't know where they are from. Damn "stylist's own"!

(Via Whistles)

Does anyone know who they're by? I'll love you forever! Thanks awfully.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Date Night

OK, so I know you are on the edge of your collective seat, waiting to hear about how my date went. So I'll relieve you of all your built up tensions, and let you know that it went horribly. He was unattractive, boring and there were some bodily function issues that I just couldn't overlook. (Not as bad as you might be thinking, but not totally innocuous either. I can't go into details because it makes me want to gag slightly.)

It did make me wonder how I had been interested after the first date so I have decided to chalk it up to:

a) relief that he wasn't a total freak

b) I did most of the talking, and I always have a good time when I'm doing that, my voice does have such a lovely ring to it!

c) I got shitfaced

d) my expectations were low

e) I'd just spent a lovely and obviously slightly illegal weekend, emotionally speaking, with my ex, where I had tried to give it one last shot to be with the man I really want to be with but to no avail. So I went into the date not really caring about it other than as a distraction

And now, after this disaster, I am putting dating very definitely on the back burner. Which means that I can start rocking some extreme looks, the kind of things that boys don't like. And so I am going to worship at the alter of The Man Repeller and take some inspiration of the kind of styles pictured here. I'm going to think about pleasing myself (fashion-wise) rather than trying to lure in boys with bland and pretty.

(Via The Man Repeller)

She has even put together some looks for first dates, with the subtext of: getting him ready for what's in store. Ha! I love that. It is the opposite of what I have been attempting, you know, the "don't wear anything fashiony and scare him off" when my attitude used to be this is me, like it or lump it, and criticize my outfit at your own peril. Which I much preferred.

Tip Your Cap

Charlotte Rampling's look in The Night Porter is undoubtedly iconic and provocative. But I'm not sure how comfortably it sits as an inspiration for mainstream fashion.


For one thing I don't think the cap is vaguely attractive. And then the connotations of sadomasochism, cruelty, domination and nazism that are srirred up with this cap are a pretty dark statement for a fashion collection. It is supposedly about sexiness and liberation, but I'm not sure that's actually what that cap says.

(Via Vogue España)

And now we have Katie Holmes, of all people, in it. On the cover of Vogue España. Which just mystfies me. What are they trying to say?

(Via DListed)

Further shots show a very definite nod to the film.

Of course fashion is provocative and daring at times but I think trying to say one thing but arousing thoughts of something else is a bit thoughtless. Particularly putting such a bland actress in it. Mixed messages at the very least, no?

Cheap Thrill

I want a new handbag. But I don't want to spend 300 knicker on one right now. I'm about to be unemployed. It really doesn't make any sense.

But I want one all the same. And the places I have been tending to shop recently don't have reasonably priced bags. They are (for me) investment prices.

And often cheap bags look really super cheap. Like trashy cheap.

So I was surprised by how many bags at River Island tickled my fancy. And the most expensive is £65.

So unless, of course, they look hideously cheap up close (of which there is an enormous risk) I think they look quite exciting.

And I could slake my new bag lust without breaking the bank.

Or at least breaking it only very slightly.

You know, like a crack.

An almost imperceptible crack.

(Via River Island)

That even my bank manager might bearly notice. That's possible, right?

Blue Monday

(Via Daily Mail)

Oh dear God, no.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Pretty Pleats

(Via Reiss)

Can a girl have two many midi pleated skirts? I adore my mink coloured one from Whistles, and now this one has caught my eye and I want it. I'm trying to fool myself that I could wear it to interviews too to justify buying it. But it probably isn't right for that.

Come on you lovely people, help me out, should I buy it or should I not?

Beauty is in the Eye(liner) of the Beholder

(Via Go Fug Yourself)

I've decided against the red lip. I'm always slightly confused about what it says. Sexy and inviting, intimidating and keep your distance, or just plain messy (eating/drinking/2nd date kissing...)?

I've tried to copy Diane Kruger instead with her lovely eyeliner. Sigh! Isn't she pretty?!

And I stumbled upon the best ever product last night. It is a gel eyeliner from Maybelline but it is actually a pot of gloop and a brush and it works really well. Good and black, neat line, easy to apply and the damn stuff just won't budge. I love it!

Oh, and I'll let you know how the date goes next week.