Friday 27 February 2009


I really love the dress. And as much as I want to include another picture of Ms Carmen "Bananas is my Business" Miranda, I don't think the dress is too reminiscent of her.

The floral trend is definitely one that is intruiging me, but I am not sure how well patterns and I get along. We are currently circling each other, sizing each other up, unsure whether we will have a fight on our hands or will embark on something wonderful. Usually I'm a lot friendlier with a block colour. On bijou HT, however, I think it might well work a treat. Then toughened up with the black glad would be ideal. And perhaps a black blazer, no? The shape is a delight, and if anyone can pull off short then it has to be Hayley "my actual bottom is touching the chair" Rowan!

But the most glorious surprise would be to see you in such a wealth of colour. The thought excites me. A lot.

So my answer is a resounding yes!

Carmen's is “Look at me and tell me if I don't have Brazil in every curve of my body.”
And you can't argue with that, now, can you?

Is that the chattanooga choo choo?

I'm breaking in to the Oscars fest I know, but I am multitasking and doing a bit of online shopping whilst trying to decide if Angelina's outfit was just to be on the hits list and I saw this: I was about to ching ching! at the check out when I had to stop. Just as that McCartney playsuit brought to mind Blanche Devereaux this made me think of....
Ms Carmen Miranda. Not this EXACT outfit, just her general vibe. You know. I don't think I want that for myself. But I like the frock. And it's short, which is the length I want. Nothing on the knee for me thank you very much. But something is stopping me from making that double click. But. But. Please just tell me what I think. (With a black matte flat glad - before you ask).

Another first

I honestly never thought I would say this, but I really like what Eva Longoria is wearing.


You beat me to the good ones! I was getting my bad ones out of the way first so that I could turn my attention to the successes of the night before nipping out for a sandwich. (Nice thoughts about lovely frocks are a much basis on which to start lunch than feeling itchy about wether Beyonce's frock was fashioned out of a disgarded curtain pelmet.)

I agree with you on all of them. I was going to post almost exactly as you have. Apart from Tilda. We need to talk about Tilda actually Kerrbobs. I know you are a fan but I just don't get it. Well, actually sometimes I do and I think, 'Lo! Lucky us! What a fashion adventurer we have on our hands here!' and then other times I think 'Oh Swinton! You contrary Mary' and I lose all patience like the parent of a particularly irksome teen.


She is a civilian, so I should be more generous, but goll-eeey that's unflattering. Someone in the Craigster's team clearly has it in for his young lady friend.


Beyonce Knowles is a gorgeous girl. She is young and talented in the extreme. She has a knock out body. It appears that she also has a stylist who sees it as their duty to completely ignore all of positives and make her appear much less magnificent than she really is. Which is a shame.

I don't care for SJP's boob-shelf much either.

More delights...

I also rather liked these:

It just makes me think of those delightful cakes that are lavishly draped with layers of ruffled white chocolate. Hmmmm! But even better than that was the necklace, which was like a row of mini glittery maces slung around her neck. And you know me, there is nothing I find more charming than medieval weaponry refashioned for formal attire! Except maybe her hair. Isn't it darling?! So naturally cute, the polar opposite of Kate's solid box-hair disaster.

I really love the blue and black combo.

It could almost be a bit twee, and if it was anyone other than La Portman it would be too saccharine. But she is hardcore so she carries it off. The colour is just dreamy. And boy does she have a good shoulder.


How on earth has this happened?

Marisa, you naughty little minx! You've only made me have to admit that there is an item of clothing in this world with a pesky Versace label tacked into it that I actually like. And not just that. Oh, no! I (whisper it) love it! It was my highlight of the night. It is just so foldy and sharp and twisty and drapey. And the colour is oh so intriguing. It manages to be avant garde with the origami shapes and yet terribly pretty. It is part Tilda Swinton and part Penelope Cruz. Which just smacks of a good thing to me.
What say you?

Thursday 26 February 2009

We are a bit rubbish

We are four days behind but shall we select our best and worst and just pretend that it's Monday?

Why the long face?

My attention wandered whilst penning that last post (as you may have noticed as it took me about 4 hours to slap that last one up). Whilst there I saw this frock

If you look at it long enough, like one of those Magic Eye pictures from our youth, it actually starts to look like a sad face. What a heinous waste of fabric.

A Question of Sport

So, a cropped sleeve pastel parka you say? Interesting. You expect me to disapprove? I DON'T! I love it. Jane Fonda on the other hand I DO NOT love. Can't bear her in fact. Feed me a couple of glasses of fizz this weeekend, drop her into the convo and sit back and watch me go. However, it's a fact that she gave good outfit in the early years and in general, I am a fan of a bit of sportswear. Not on me. I look ridiculous in anything vaguely sport orientated (perhaps a paranoia hangover from the horror that was gym class) but I can appreciate it on others and that includes you honey pie. Get this high rent pac a mac if you haven't already. It will look amazing with the new hair and you know, I think it could even work with a heel.

So whilst I have been M.I.A I have been filling my time with some prolific reading. A fair few novels, massive (and costly) consumption of vacuous glossies and daily perusal of Sportswear is going to be big again isn't it? I spotted some stuff from Brian Reyes' SS09 collection on there and I just adore it. This little outfit makes me feel squeaky clean and wholesome just by looking at it. I would only go for the upper half of the ensemble for myself, the population of Trafalgar Square doesn't need to have my bottom unleashed upon them that's for sure. But isn't the top bit exquisite? I am in lust with the jacket in partic.

What I am horrified by though are things like this:

I really don't get the 'genius' of Stella McCartney at all. And the collaboration with Adidas only works to make this kind of get up more accessible! Yikes! The over sized playsuit immediately made me of Blanche from The Golden Girls. In fact look! And then spot the difference! I can't even imagine Gwyneth making that thing work.

The Return of the M(e)ack

As the troublesome rogue that is Mark Morrison once wrote:
Return of the Mack,
It is,
Return of the Mack,
Come on,Return of the Mack,
Oh, my god,
You know that I'll be back
Here I am.
Return of the Mack,
Once again,
Return of the Mack,
Top of the world,
Return of the Mack,
Watch my flow,
You know that I'll be back,
Here I go.
Mr Morrison has quite a way with words doesn't he. And it seems as though he'd like us to get on and discuss your choice of outerwear also, so I'll step to it. Prepare yourself to 'watch my flow', as it were.

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Forgive me!

I feel as though I must have offended you on a deep and profound level. Every time I open our charming little blog your lack of a response slaps me sharply round the face like a reproach. And leaves an ugly red blemish on my soul.

Was it the tasteless yellow parka? Did I go a step too far down the nasty path of hideous but fabulous, so you were concerned I might never find the way back to Chic-ville?

Was it the terrible pun headline? Even at the time I thought it might be a little foolish, but now I positively shudder every time I read it, feeling your judgement bearing down on me.

How can I win you back? Will you ever trust my taste again? Please tell me there is something I can do! PLEASE!!!!

Tuesday 3 February 2009


I am inexplicably drawn to this. Am I wrong?

Maybe I am just looking to fill the gap in my life left by the long overdue binning of my perfect, but ravaged, pink mac.

I know, I know...

...we shouldn't look to a woman who makes accessories OUT OF HER OWN HAIR for sartorial guidance. That giddy little bow she keeps teasing her mane in to is both bizarre and intriguing. I mean, I'm known to be liberal with the hairspray but surely you'd need something mega industrial to fix that baby in place and how much backcombing? BUT. I keep seeing this picture and I love this skirt so much. I love the colour and the shineyness and the length and everything. If that was made in something a little more real-life-friendly I would be after one for sure. I might not team it with a rubber bra and head corsage but I would want one all the same.

I also love her Donatella tan. Hhahahaha, I DOOOOO! Serious!