Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Be My Valentino

Wow, I really hate the Valentino for Gap collection. Hate it. Khaki and frills? Who thought that was ever going to work? I can't imagine Valentino himself would have created something in such dull fabrics that no amount of frouff could improve.

The trousers are particularly bad. Name one woman who really wants to add that much fabric to their hips. Honestly.

(Via Handbag)

I can only assume that the big V has decided that the collaboration is so utterly beneath him that he has decided to make a mockery of the whole venture. And still get paid.

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

(Via Handbag)

When I see a girl with hair like this I think that I should go back to my natural colour, which is similar.

But actually I think I would get bored of it within about 10 minutes. So maybe I'll stick with the blonde.

I recently ran a poll with my friends and that was the overwhelming conclusion.

Who is Edie Campbell, by the way? Should I know?

A Snow-Brainer

Good people of London. It's snowing. And just as a helpful tip, might I advise that the following items of footwear might not be entirely suitable for said conditions.

Of course if you like wet feet, or scrabbling around on icy ground, then please go right on ahead.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Call of the Wilde

I was innocently leafing through Vanity Fair when I saw this lovely picture of Olivia Wilde. And now I have a craving for wedges. No, no, not the carby snack, if anything this picture makes me never want to look a potato in the face ever again. I mean the shoes. Aren't they a delight?

Of course winter is not really the time for a wedge. At least not a sandaled version. And I was only the other day sneering at some poor unfortunate for hobbling about in a pair with woolen socks underneath. And not in a "hey, I'm kooky" sandals and socks ting, more like a "I have been foolish in my footwear and I know it" vibe.

And yet here I am, a-craving.

This Carvela pair have a decadent twenties/thirties Caberet-esque feel. But have you seen that heel. Flat, safe surfaces only for sure.

(Via Kurt Geiger)

This picture of Olivia from Vanity Fair is also delightful. Loving the red wide-leg onesie.

(Via Vanity Fair)

Except, is that a wire waste paper basket in the pool with her? How quaint.

Cher Entertainment

So we all love Cher. Really, it goes without saying. When it comes to kitch, campy glamour she's our gal.

But it makes you forget that she used to look like this.

Le swoon!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Green With Envy

(Via French Connection)

I don't usually celebrate New Year. I find it utterly overrated and usually have a terrible time. This year I have some new found optimism, and am very much looking forward to it.

So, of course, my mind has come to dresses and shoes (which might be entirely pointless as it is possibly going to be fancy dress).

And this little number is just heaven. It kind of reminds me of the dress Keira Knightley wears in Atonement (the colour in the flesh is much closer to that than it appears here).

And that can surely be no bad thing.

While I think it is actually quite understated in terms of detail, going maxi does still seem to be quite dressed up. And seeing as I am a bit of a midget maybe the combination of length and heels and booze might be unwise with the eventuality of either me or a fellow partygoer treading on it and attempting to tear it off my body being quite high.

I can always dream though, right?!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wedding Tackle

(Via Destination 360)

Has anyone else already had more than enough of royal wedding talk? Gah! And there are months ahead until it is all over.

The only good thing that I can see coming out of all this is the fact that I have seen the picture.

(Via Vogue)

Holy Toledo! That is possibly the most gloriously cheesy picture I have seen in my life. Maybe all is forgiven.

However, if I have to see another article about past royal weddings, or what other slebs wore to their weddings, or the biggest engagement rings, or the most romantic destinations to honeymoon, or the ten best places to buy your wedding cake I might not be so generous. I'm really going to hate the next year, aren't I? Boo!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Not by a Long Chalk

I work near Pineapple Studios. I am reconciled to the fact that dancers' wardrobes do not operate within the usual fashion rules that the rest of us labour under. Their taste is often questionable at best. But I put this down to having certain needs, that I do not have, and I leave it at that.

Until yesterday. When I could keep my silence no more. Because I saw a boy in long johns. In the street. As outerwear!!! (And please note I am not someone who uses three exclamation marks lightly.)

Please tell me that this is not becoming a trend.

Even if Josephine de la Baume does look inexplicably lovely in hers.

Clear and Present Danger

(Via River Island)

Please, please don't do this to yourself this Christmas. There are other ways... other skirts... other trousers. It doesn't have to be this way. There's help out there, you just have to know where to look.

(Via Handbag)

Lace and Favour

The lace thing has been on my mind. Yeah, yeah, I know, I need to get out more, right? Well, be that as it may, I feel this is an important enough topic to spend at least a couple of minutes of the day on.

So, anyhoo, I'm thinking that a party dress might just be the right context for a bit of lace. Particularly like the Banana Republic one above. Yowza! Isn't that sexy?! I can't quite work out how it works in that picture. I assume there must be some kind of lining, that it can't all be out there... Hmmm, it confuses me slightly, and possibly scares me too. But the shape? The shape I love. There is definitely something sexy about a high neckline at a party, particuarly when other dresses are all tits city. (But then this one might be too, we are yet to ascertain.)

I also really like the look of this one, except for the neckline, it is the one slim part of me, do I want to hide it like this, then reveal less appealing parts? It also makes me think about Gwyneth Paltrow, and I'm in two mind about that.

But Julianne Moore? Yes please! And she is rocking the trend. She definitely makes me want to give it a go. Oh, so classy.

I'm thinking it works better in black, or a dark colour. I think the white might be a bit too cutesy or 60s looking. Waddayasay?

(Via Handbag)

This Oasis one is probably one of the easier ones to carry off, but possibly a little bland. Help you blend into the background, and honestly, this is a party, who on earth wants to do that? Alternatively it could be a bit Italian widow, not very festive, sure, but definitely a better look.

(Via Whistles)

The long sleeves on this Whistles number give it a little something unique, but does it look like a little girl's dress? Coz I'm not down with that.

Any favourites?

Monday, 22 November 2010

Love is Blind

(Via Go Fug Yourself)

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Tee hee hee hee! Chortle! Guffaw! Ohh hoo hoo! (Wipes a tear.) (Holds sides.) (Picks self off floor.) Etc.

(Tur)Ban('s) the Bomb

(Via Handbag)

Man, I wish I was cool enough to rock a turban.

The Missing Link

(Via Links of London)

I'm not wild about Links of London, but I like a skull and I think this is kind of fabulous.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Birds of a Feather

(Via Handbag)

Honestly, I know this is completely ridiculous and frivolous, but it doesn't stop me wanting it. With that balanced on your bonce how could you or anyone in your immediate vicinity be anything other than buoyed up? Mummy, please, I want it, I promise I'll be good...!

Hat Trick

I am a grown woman. And a grown woman needs a grown woman's hat. Not one of those floppy beanies that looks like it has fallen asleep and slipped half way down the back of your head (those boys with deep v t-shirts, low slung skinny jeans and leather jackets can keep those).

And I have decided the grown up hat for me is the fedora.

And I have chosen this one from All Saints to be mine. Isn't it the most? I will be both warm and chic from this moment forward. Just thought you'd like to know.