Friday, 30 August 2013

A Bolt from the Blue

Something amazing has happened. I walked past Gap and was tempted to go in because I really liked what was in the window. I know! That hasn't happened for years. 

They have a Back to Blue campaign running for autumn/winter and it looks really good.

It might actually achieve the impossible and get me excited about shopping in Gap again. Who would have thunk it?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Such is Life

(Image via Whistles)

I am not one for a logo'd or slogan t shirts, but I think this C'est La Vie sweatshirt is quite delightful. What do you think? What's your view on slogan fashions?

Touch Base

(Image via Net a Porter)

I didn't think that anything could induce me to want to wear a baseball cap but this grey wool Stella McCartney cap is so elegant I have a serious hat crush.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Constance Craving

(Image via Daily Telegraph)

I pretty much want to look like Constance Jablonski in this picture. That hair is what I am going to aspire to.

Face the Music

So, the VMAs. We've got over the Miley Cyrus scandaaaaal, let's look at what everyone wore...

Allison Williams

Pretty and feminine but not saccharine. Oh so good. She's extremely pretty too so that doesn't hurt.


She looks gorgeous but I am very over the revealing netting, modesty covering lace, be-feathered gowns favoured by J-Lo. I wish she had done something more modern. And when you have legs as good as hers it seems a shame to have then covered up (bar the inner thighs).

Coco Rocha

Oh yes, loving this. There is nothing more delightful than going down the tough girl route when others are dressed up to the nines. The leather jacket is so ornate she gets away with a more casual look.

 Ellie Goulding

I think she looks great. Very sexy but not too flashy balancing the high neck with the thigh split. But I hate the shoes. HATE. THEM. Far too chunky a strappy sandal with lots of foot showing would have been so much nicer.

 Emile Sande

Oh my days, please make some effort Emile for the love of fashion!

 Erin Wasson

I'm not really sure what is happening here. Bikini and netting? Huh? The shoes are amazing and I love the turban, and her body is sick, so she obviously looks great. But it goes against my better judgement to say so because no one should ever leave the house like this. EVER.

 Holland Roden

I don't know who this lady is and I am not totally sure that she is dressed quite right for the event, but I love this look. The dress, hair and make up are all perfection.

 Jennifer Hudson

Achieving the impossible, making Dior look Di-bore. How can leather just look so dull?

Joan Smalls

My look of the night. A white, peplum bedecked sweatshirt dress? Shouldn't work but it really does and those shoes are amazing, in the only arena where they would be suitable too. Definitely couldn't wear those to the shops without looking a bit barking. Gosh she looks goooooood!

Katy Perry

I'm not sure that this is the best picture of Katy in this dress, but in other pictures her body looks absolutely incredible. Very over the top and not for everyone but I think she looks pretty great. I am not too sure about that severe horse tail (definitely more than a pony, no?) and the grill was a definite no.

 Lady Gaga

Yes, it is PVC but for Gaga this is definitely underplayed. After all it wasn't so long ago that she was arriving to awards ceremonies like she had just popped out of a very large chicken. Love the hair and natural make up. Very pretty, miss thing, I like it.

 Lil Kim

Mad as a satchel, our Kimmie. Not one to be left behind by the likes of Nicki Minaj, she's putting it all out there and I kind of love it. I know, I'm sorry.

 Miley Cyrus

For all her tongue action and posturing I actually think this outfit is as dull as ditchwater.

 Rita Ora

Wow, I hate this. I just don't understand what would possess you to drag round the sweepings of a chicken hutch attached to your dress. This is so awful there are barely words. Plus her pale lipstick makes her look decidedly Z-list.

 Selena Gomez

I love the colour and length and I love how grown up this looks but I think the revealed bustier section is just kind of creepy.

 Taylor Swift

I love the navy. It makes me only want to wear navy for the rest of my life. It is super classy. But I think the look is too old fashioned for her, and with the boyish frame she looks as though she is dressing in her mother's clothes. A dress like this needs curves.

 Willow and Jaden Smith

I like that they have done for a casual look and I am enjoying the clothes, particularly those dungarees. But they just seem to be so convinced of how cool they are that it ruins everything for me. There is nothing wrong with a bit of teenage self doubt and insecurity. It is a normal part of growing up, no?

 Alicia Quarles

Alicia is so incredibly beautiful I think she would probably look amazing in any outfit. But this, which reminds me of Gwyneth's black Pucci number is super pretty, modern and eye-catching.


Oh, Ashanti, you do know that you are able to wear dresses that were designed more recently than you had a song in the hit parade, right? This dress is just so terribly tired.


Now, I don't think that this outfit is particularly interesting or flattering but by far the worst thing about it was that someone else wore the same trousers, and that person was a DUDE. Wow, that's got to hurt.

2 Chainz

The wearer of said trousers. I could almost appreciate this outfit if his t shirt wasn't white and so very oversized. It wouldn't make me love it but it wouldn't concern me that you were weirdly out of proportion.

Justin Timberlake

I'm not totally sure about the Charlie Chaplin tribute, but I do like those silver toe-capped dancing shoes. Fancy!

Robin Thicke

I loathe Robin's regular sleazy lounge suit look, so (I know you will think I am crazy) I actually quite like that he is dressing like Beetlejuice. And I'm just going to try and wipe from my memory the vision of what Miley was doing up the front of that suit.

(Images via Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post)

Monday, 26 August 2013

Coat of Arms

(Image via Hobbs)

I know I said that I wouldn't be going down the pink coat route but this one by Hobbs is a real beaut and might sway me. The mannish shape and the vivid pink are an irresistible combination, don't you agree?

Bite Your Tongue

I don't thing there is much more to be said about Miley Cyrus and her cringe-inducing VMA performance. But dear lord if there is one positive thing that can come out of this can it be her realising that sticking your tongue out until you're about to be sick is really not very attractive?

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Ties that Bind

(Image via Net a Porter)

Is it just me or does this Miu Miu skirt look as though it has been fashioned from school boys' ties?

A Slip of a Thing

When Victoria Beckham arrived at the men's Wimbledon final in a slip I have to admit I wasn't entirely convinced.

Yes, it was a Louis Vuitton slip, part of its autumn winter lingerie/nightwear inspired collection, but it was still a slip. Very pretty but definitely not for me. I would hardly consider such an item suitable for the boudoir let alone a bar.

But the more I look at the Louis Vuitton collection the more I am drawn to it.

But how to make it wearable in real life?

Because I will absolutely not be copying any of these looks, even though I like their flavour.

I think I have discovered the solution - the camisole. A nod to the underwear trend without being too suggestive. Plus I think a little plain black camisole over jeans is super elegant. There is just something very appealing about an exposed clavicle and shoulder with just the whisper of a strap.


I am very tempted. What about you? Tempted to make underwear outerwear this season?

By Malene Birger


Mason by Michelle Mason



(Images via, Net a Porter, Topshop, Jigsaw)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Up in Her Grill

I'm not alone in really hating grills am I? Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and now Madge. Let's stop the madness shall we?