Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What a Loser

(Image via The Elgin Avenue)

Loyal readers, I'm sure you will be as devastated as I am to hear that I did not win the Marie Claire Blog Awards fashion blog of the year (and didn't even make the shorlist. Sob!)

I know. Lunacy.

Thanks for all your votes. And even if it is just between you and me, then I'm fine with that. I hope you continue to enjoy Cute or Not Cute.

My hearty congratulations to the creators of The Elgin Avenue which won and Fashion + Class & Jet Lag which was highly commended. I'm sure it was richly deserved.

Head Over Heels

A couple of years ago I went to my lovely friend Kirsty's wedding at a sweet country church. In the invitations she stated that the path to the churchyard was very uneven and that high heels probably weren't to be recommended. Pah! I thought. I'm not going to a wedding not wearing heels. I have few enough chances to rock a heel, and really weddings are the major time now when I can get done up. So I wore my very highest and most beautiful black suede Miu Mius. And of course I could barely walk in the damn things. I was clutching at all and sundry to keep myself upright. One of my friend's boyfriend (who admittedly did have to wait for an age while I crept back to his car to drive to the reception) was very snooty and critical of my choice. I almost didn't have a leg to stand on (badum, chaa!) in the argument until another guest at the wedding positively launched herself at me (although thinking about it maybe she was wearing heels too) to let me know how much she loved my shoes, and of course I felt totally exonerated. Plus the fact that said boyfriend was wearing some hideous brown mess of a shoe that resembled a Cornish pasty which of course made me feel justified in ignoring any sartorial statements he chose to make.
(Image via Kurt Geiger, The Outnet)

So, anyhoo, bored yet? No? Oh, you are kind. Well, for the wedding in SA in April I am considering a more sensible heel height. I quite like the top pair. For one thing the colour is cute, and of course the heel is reasonable. I could be happy all night in those puppies. But the strappiness? I haven't worn a shoe like that for some time, mostly because my little pig wouldn't be constrained and popped out constantly, so the strap tried to enact some revenge, converting into a cheese wire mechanism to try and slice the poor little pig off my foot. Yeah, not so comfy. So I am nervous of any other shoe that might do the same.

Actually what I really want are these incredible Camilla Skovgaards from the Outnet, but that heel's not exactly demure, is it? Knowing me I won't be able to resist a high heel, so maybe I should stop even pretending. What do you think?

Pure as the Driven Snow

Don't worry, dear readers,I'm not going to start banging on about autumn winter 2012/13 already. I'm still too excited about the spring summer clothes that are ever so slowly trickling into the shops.

I am interested in these pictures for an entirely different thrill. Because goodness knows I like a well dressed man. And I like a beard. And I really like an adventurous explorey type.

So thank you, oh thank you, to Vivienne Westwood for giving us these treats. Grrrrrr!

(Images via Style.com)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Make(ry) Hay While the Sun Shines

I did textiles GCSE, or, as it was actually called, needlework. Even then I kind of thought it was a bit uncool to call it needlework, textiles just seemed to have a more artsy feel to it. I had big dreams of making some real statements and some artistic pieces. I ended up making a pair of sheepskin slippers, a tie-dye quilt and skiving off to smoke cigarettes on the roof of the art department.

But actually, as much as it didn't live up to expectations it gace me certain skills which have continued to be useful. And the time has come to dust off my sewing machine for something more exciting than fixing seams and hemming trousers.

So I discovered The Makery, a lovely crafsty shop and workshop in Bath. I am waiting for them to set dates for a dressmaking course and in the interim and considering the knitting a crochet workshops. Meet a few people, increase my skills. Result!

(Images via What Katie Did Next, The Makery, Bath 360)

My only slight concern is that while home made things are fun to make are the results actually desirable? I have some homemade items that I adore but I'm not really a sweet little homemaker type so it might be a bit jarring. But I could always give things away. My friends and family would be too nice to look a knitted or crocheted gift horse in the mouth. Wouldn't they?

Whiter Shade of Pale

I know it is very contrived, but I want a parasol. For the wedding in South Africa. The weather might not be that sunny, but if it is and the ceremony is outdoors then I need to cover up. I have a hat with a big brim, but it won't go with what I am going to wear.

So a parasol would be the perfect solution, wouldn't you agree?

I have found this fantastic website called Brollies Galore that, yup, you've guessed it, have more umbrellas and parasols that you can shake a stick at.

So now I just have to decide whether I want a UV protective one, which is kind of the point of having one, but are murderously expensive. (Top two.) They are also waterproof which would be an unexpected bonus.

A lace one, like the three above, which are super pretty, vintagey and not so dear.

Or a Chinese style paper parasol - cheapest of the bunch, throwaway, but sweet.

Sadly, I think the first is my favourite, and naturally the most expensive. Do you think I'd look like a crazy wielding it or just charmingly left of field?

And if it were the later would I tip the balance with a lace fan? Hmmm, I think I might.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

To the Victor(ia) the Spoils

I have been loving Victoria Beckham's structured dresses for some time, but these softer dresses, particularly the long one, tickle my fancy too.

And if anyone were likely to get me into sportswear for anything other than sport then it might well be her. I like.

(Images via Style.com)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Peppermint Patty

(Image via Daily Telegraph)

Good old Fearne Cotton has worked out how to bring a pastel into her winter wardrobe. I take my hat off to her.

Coo Coo Couture

(Image via Daily Telegraph)

I don't know too much about Christophe Josse, but I know that this dress makes me wish I could afford couture.

Totes Amaze

Are you craving an It Bag but don't have the funds? Fear not because Thursday Friday have made these utterly fabulous tote bags with trompe l'oeil It Bags on them.

They look great but are charmingly ironic and aware of the foolishness of the excessively expensive It Bag trend.

Or am I reading too much into this?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Bolt Out of the Blue

(Image via LK Bennett)

I am not, financially speaking, in a position to be buying an expensive handbag right now, but if I were I would want this one. It's also huge, which I am trying to ween myself off.

So all in all entirely inappropriate, but utterly desirable.

Cry Me a River

 Oooh, exciting! River Island have some real treats coming in. Not least of which are the shoes.

 These colours are delicious.
 And I'm always looking for good flat shoes for the summer.
I'm wondering whether these spiky courts might work for the weddings I've got this summer. I was thinking grey but this colour is pretty neutral and I love how mean they are.
I would prefer these if they weren't espadrilles, but the banding is nice, I even like the jewels which is unlike me. And I'm in the mood for some shopping so one of these pairs might just do the trick. Obviously I would then freeze if I were to try and wear any of them right now but that is merely a detail.
(Images via River Island)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What a (pe)plum!


I have not necessarily been that fussed about peplums before, but that has all changed. I think a top with a peplum might be my must have item for the season.



Cushnie et Ochs

Christian Dior

Dries van Noten


Gareth Pugh

Giambattista Valli


Jason Wu

Alexander McQueen

Nina Ricci


Vera Wang

Yves Saint Laurent

(Images via Style.com, Asos)