Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Flat Out

(Image via Clarks)

Jeez Louise! I know I wanted a job, but I don't think I was prepared for this.

I am so busy that I didn't even get an opportunity to eat my sanger at lunch today. And while I know that there is a huge amount of unemployment I'm not convinced that this is the job for me.

Not least because I have to wear flat shoes. I am up and down stairs all day with arms full of legal files. If I carry on wearing heels I'm going to go over on an ankle.

And I haven't been earning for a couple of months so I didn't want to splash out. So instead I went and spent £20 in the Clarks sale on these montstrosities. Aren't they hideous? Seriously, the things we do to earn an honest crust.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Take a Brow

I didn't watch Desperate Scousewives last night. Did you? But I just couldn't stop myself from commenting on the 'Scouse Brow' as modeled by many of the stars of the show.

Dude, it is quite a look.

See how this sweet looking model is transformed.

(Images via Daily Mail)

I love a strong brow but this is so extreme. Particularly the squareness of it. It is a pretty draggy look. But to be honest I would rather sport those than super skinny over-plucked brows.

Heard it on the Grapevine

I went to see The Rum Diary last week. I really enjoyed it. There is really never any harm to be come by in watching a Johnny Depp film. The man is just so beautiful. And so funny.

But I fear he has beeen upstaged, in the looks department at least, because his co-star is Amber Heard, and honestly I just think she might be one of the prettiest women on the planet.

Her styling in the film is great. Sadly I can't find many pictures of her outfits so you will have to trust me when I tell you that they are all incredible. Then the blonde and the red lip. Swoon! Perfection.

But you know, an actress can you great in a film but hideous on the red carpet. Not our problem here. Can we just behold.

Sure, she has an amazing body and one that would probably look fantastic in any dress, but I really like that she wears grown up dresses. That show a bit of skin. But not, you know, everything.

I love navy for formal wear. And if this is what she had to show for herself relatively near the beginning of her career I am beyond excited about what's to come.

Seriously, look how lovely she is. And oh, the perfect blonde hair! Let's keep her.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Andy Pandy

(Image via Hobbs)

Isn't it a bore/stroke of luck when you buy one item and it necessitates the purchase of another?

I love my Hobbs parka, but it just looks wrong with my red handbag. It has always been a pet hate of mine when you see a woman around the shops wearing a fleece or all weather jacket with a smart leather handbag. Those are just two things that are not meant to meet.

And my smart red leather shoulder bag and parka seems similarly heinous in my mind. So I've been carrying a very old Hennes brown canvas bag instead. But I don't think it really communicates the message I want to portray. And obviously I am me and I want to buy something new.

So to this. The NW3 Andy bag by Hobbs.

I love that it is cross body. So that while it is black leather and smart it also just about crosses into casual and so doesn't glaringly clash with the parka.

It is small and so I won't be tempted to carry around all my worldly possessions as I am want to do.

It is about a quarter of the price of the Anya Hindmarch cross body bag that I was lusting after.

So my question to you is... do any of those points justify a purchase?

Working Girl

(Image via Phase Eight)


Can palazzo pants be suitable in a work-based situation?

The picture above suggests they can.

Another question:

But would that only be when worn with a jacket?

Third and final question:

Is it ok to buy from Phase Eight?

I really hope the answers are:

Hell yes!

Oh goodness me, no!

Shh, it's fine as long as you don't tell anyone... (Oops!)

Friday, 25 November 2011

Mid-Life Crisis

Since Keira wore this Roksanda Illincic dress I have been totally lusting after this mid-length pencil style skirtage. It is so incredibly elegant.

I was already feeling mid-length, but the pleated, floaty ballerina style. The pencil style is defintely more severe. But I'm ready for it.

Amy Adams aslo worked it in a slightly more saucy version.

For real life I think a dark boucle pencil from Hobbs would be just perfect.

I just need to make sure I get one that isn't too tight in the knee so that I can walk up stairs in it.

But super cute, no? With a floaty, feminine blouse. Perfect for the office I say.
(Images via Go Fug Yourself, Hobbs)

Float Your Boat

(Image via Topshop)

Should I be ashamed that I find this sweater utterly charming? I'm not sure I could carry it off with a straight face, but I do find it delightfully whimsical.

Leane To

 As I get older I get more inclined towards presents that you will keep and treasure forever. Like art or ceramics or jewellery.
 So I think I would like to find a ring to suggest to my parents.
 I like quite striking jewellery. I don't like anything too delicate.
 Shaun Leane's jewellery is right up my street. Pretty and feminine but also bold.
I would be happy with any of these. But seeing as the most expensive are around £800 I think I should go for one of the simpler designs.
Merry Christmas to me!

(Images via Shaun Leane)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Lie Low

First: Good news!

I've got a job! After two months out of work I am starting work on Monday. There is nothing like being unemployed to make you really want to get into work.
But then: Bad news.

The offices are in a Georgian town house in the centre of Bath. You know, a tall town house. With lots of stairs. My office is on the ground floor but my boss is a couple of floors up. And the job entails me being up and down those stairs multiple times throughout the day.
Recently, because I am so feeble, I have only really been wearing heels at work because I live in constant fear of going over on an ankle. But now my heel habit will be limited at work too.
There is no way that I can race up and down stairs all day in the height of heel that I'm used to. I'm going to have to go lower, or flat even (horrors!). How will I ever cope?
(Images via Asos, Kurt Geiger)

I quite like the thought of a wedge. Kep a bit of height but still stay sturdy.

I'm going to have to start wearing heels at home instead.

Bowled Over

(Image via Hobbs)

It is getting cold. It is close to hat time. And what I would like is quite a plain dark grey knitted beanie, but I can't find one. Not even one that is to my particular liking, just one at all.

So I am looking further afield and found this. Yes, it is a bowler, and yes I think they can look incredibly contrived. But I am rather taken with this. I think it makes me look like a chic gamine, androgynous French student/chimney sweep. Which I think is weirdly cute, but possibly has limited applications. Maybe I'll keep looking...

Plenty More Fish in the Sea

Luck, lucky Miranda Kerr. Owner of an incredibly hot body, and incredibly hot husband and an incredibly cute baby. But mostly lucky because she has already got her mitts on a next season Peter Pilotto dress. Honestly, I could just faint clean away!

I began my love affair with Peter Pilotto last spring/summer, and it is very much continuing for next year. Look at these stunning aquatically inspired dresses.

Beautiful cuts, prints and colours.

I definitely have a crush.

(Images via Daily Telegraph,