Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Meat and Two Veg

(Excuse the headline, I know the penis allegations were some time ago but I couldn't resist. It just seemed fitting somehow.)

(Via Go Fug Yourself)

I am off my game. I have passed my prime. I am old hat. I am, indeed, thoroughly ashamed of myself.

Because something momentous happened, and I didn't know. It took a man, and a hetero one at that, to point out to me that Gaga was parading around in public in a dress that she had fashioned at her local butcher's shop. She looks like a walking Gunther von Hagens exhibit.

Lawks a lordy! How did she think of that? Why did she think of that? And was everyone supplied with nose plugs to conquer the god-awful smell that must have been emanating from that meaty beast?

These are the important questions. I think it only fair to demand they are answered.

On another note... Cher! I mean, honestly, there are no words...

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