Thursday, 30 September 2010

Handle with Kid Gloves

(Via Style)

Admittedly I have turned my back on the idea of dressing like a modern vision of 50s femininity. But there is one element that I think I might want to make use of.

Long leather gloves.

It is interesting how they are able to be both feminine and luxurious and also pared down and a little bit hardcore.

I want a pair to wear with my new COS navy coat with bracelet sleeves. I bought a pair of navy (always and only navy) elbow length gloves but even the smallest size was far too baggy. (Ha! Finally! Something that is too big for me, that doesn't often happen.) I want a pair so sharp, so tight that my bloodflow is threatened.

Is this a practical desire? Would my regular length burgundy leather gloves work just as well? I would actually be able to read my watch for a start.

Maybe it is just that I have a fantasy of being Rita Hayworth in Gilda, in which case I should just give it up now, coz no one can compete with that kind of sex appeal. Can they?

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