Wednesday, 1 September 2010

OK, Just One More, I Promise...!

(Via Go Fug Yourself)

I couldn't be pithy about this one, and it isn't cut-and-dried. So if you will excuse me just one more.

I think Christina Hendricks often struggles to look good, less because of that unruly and delicious body of hers, more because she seems to have got it into her head that a body like that can only be clothed in vintage styles. Because in the 21st Century no one actually has a body like that, clearly, so perish the thought she doesn't look like she just fell out of a 1950s film noir.

But this dress? Well... It nearly gets it. The colour is heavenly. It suits her, it's very pretty, it's soft but not wishy washy.

The fundamental shape is lovely and works with her figure. It reminds me a lot of My Favourite Oscar Dress (Ever), that worn by Michelle Williams.

But I think it falls down where it deviates from that dress. The detail on the bodice is flattering and interesting, and surely enough detail to stop it from being boring. But then there is way too much sleeve going on. And the feathers? I loathe them. They look like a growth, or like some sub aquatic parasite. They have no place on a dress. And I think there is far too much weight and fabric in the skirt. I feel she would have almost no choice but to lumber inelegantly carting that much skirt around.

And again this has a vintage feel, but somehow more like a brothel madam in a western played by Mae West.

Which, by all accounts, should make me hate it. But (with the exception of the feathers which are just hideous and unjustifiable) I think it is pretty and suits her.

What are your thoughts, lovely readers? Can a dress with so much wrong actually come out right?

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