Tuesday, 28 September 2010

All Mouth and No Trousers

Was I mistaken when I believed all the hoo ha about "the return of the trouser"? Because I want to dive right into this hoo ha and get myself all trousered up. Up to, you know, the waist.

But I am at a loss. Because there doesn't seem to be a wealth of trousers on the high street. I heard ravings about the trouser collection from Gap. But when I went to explore found them slightly dull and with very limited fabric options. For me pinstripe is never an option.

(Via Whistles)

So if I want a straight leg, ankle-length smart trouser, rather than a peg or a harem, etc., where am I meant to look?

(Via Style)

And don't even get me started on how lacking the high street is on the Gucci-esque evening trouser. (Not that I would ever be likely to wear them, I am far too enamoured of a cocktail dress.) But disgraceful nonetheless.

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