Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Let's Get Minimal (Minimal)

Life can be surprising, can't it? You can peruse all the magazines. Make a decision about what look you are going to hit up for the season. In my case it was the forties/land girl look. Florals and knitwear, a charming combination of pretty and practical aided by lashings and lashings of red lippie. And then venture out to buy whatever fits the bill.

Only to find yourself utterly drawn to something else entirely. And not just that, but to more or less the polar opposite.

Yes, we're talking minimal. Now I had read the magazines, I had heard the fuss, but honestly it didn't occur to me for a second that this was a look for me. For the last two years I have been dressing in as much colour as your average children's tv presenter (although with infinitely more style, I would hope). But not any more. Now these are my watch words: pared down, simple, minimal, tonal, neutral. Would you Adam and Eve it?

No, me neither quite frankly. I thought I had a winter of berry colours and floral prints ahead of me. But what actually stands before me are months of camel, navy, grey, white and black, and absolutely no pattern. Structural shapes and no flounce. And trousers no less. What a novelty!

Pretending to be Freja Beha Erichsen in Celine. Hmmm, should I go brunette too?

(Via Style)

It is a properly grown up look, and I just can't wait! (More details on the specifics of what I have bought to follow...)

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