Monday, 13 September 2010

Mad as a Hatter

So, the wedding...

I have bought a really beautiful Temperley dress. It was from Bicester Village so it's old stock and I can't find a picture of it. It is cream with an orange-red applique at the neckline. It is terribly pretty and romantic.

But cream? For a wedding? I think it needs toughening up a bit (or my stylist friend did, at any road), so I was thinking about black accessories. Maybe a thin belt and black shoes. But I was also thinking of some kind of head piece. Not a fascinator, but something more subtle. Like a decorated alice band.

I think this one is probably too Alice. Too girly.

I like the idea of a feather, something that sits very close to the head. But I don't like the beading on this.

This one might stick out so far and make me look insane.

And while this one has a lot going on I do quite like it, although I wish it was on a thinner band.

(Via Accessorize)

So what do you think?

A) Nice thought, just keep looking for a better one?

B) One of these might work (I'll obviously have a better idea once I have tried them)?

C) Avoid like the plague and leave my head bare?

Advice please!


Unknown said...

Keep looking, in fact I feel a simple black ribbon could be in order...

Unknown said...

as for the toughening up maybe bring a unexpected jacket, black denim can be surprisingly formal