Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Long and the Short of it

I have been living out of a suitcase for over three weeks. Which while I'm travelling is a breeze. But while a girl is in the metropolis, the beating heart of this great country of ours, you know, er, London? Well, it's just not on.

And in fact I fear my very sanity might be at risk. So yesterday, like a desperate harridan I scoured the streets looking for something I could buy and wear. Something new, something fabulous. But could I find it? Could I heck.

Then I was caught in the grips of that shopping obsession that occurs to those with even the most stolid and logical disposition. When the shops are nearly closing and a hysteria descends that dictates that come what may we must take something home. We must have something new. IT IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO SPEND OUR MONEY! And I got a crazed glint in my eye and I started pulling things wantonly from the shelves.

But fortunately even in this frenzied state I draw the line at buying something totally inappropriate. And the only thing I even vaguely liked was this skirt.

(Via Zara)

But it was not to be because it only comes in XS, S and M. Because Ls don't deserve nice clothes. And conversely Zara doesn't deserve an L's hard earned cash. So I will now be looking for another formal, long skirt emporium that does. Let me know if you see anything anywhere.

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