Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Well-Turned Calf

So what are your thoughts on the mid-calf length skirt?

I think I might find it quite charming. But in a harking back to my middle class "let's put on a Barbour and wellies and go for a nice walk in the countryside" childhood kind of way.

The reality of it might not be that pretty.

(Via Toast)

Is it too poshos with horsey faces braying over what a jolly good show it all is? And terribly unflattering? Honestly, I don't have too much leg length to shout about already, would it be an awful mistake to hide myself with so much cloth?

Because actually, honestly, what I really think of when I think of mid-calf is my first day of secondary school when I was drowning in my school uniform that was bought to last out my years of growing so it wouldn't have to be bought again. Until, that is, my classmates and I were set upon, en masse, by the girls in the year above who grabbed our skirts and rolled and rolled and rolled them up until our skirts grazed our buttocks and we had a rubber ring's worth of tweed bunched up around our waists. And those are days, sartorially speaking, that I don't particularly want to revisit.

Hmm, I've answered my own question, haven't I? As you were...

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