Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Boxing Clever

(Via Russell & Bromley)

I wonder if it is a bad idea to buy a bag that is on trend for the season. Especially if it costs £225. If I am spending that much I want to make sure I am going to use it for some time.

I have fallen in love with this Russell & Bromley bag in tan. It would go marvellously well with my new navy coat and generally with the minimalist look. But is it too specific? I don't want to waste my pennies if I won't use it again beyond the season.

But I haven't found anything else that even vaguely fits the bill. I want a neat, simple bag that I can wear across the body. All of which this bag covers. Does it therefore justify itself, or should I look for something cheaper or make do with something I already have...? What a dilemma.

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