Thursday, 27 November 2008

Oh! The shame!

Morning Kerr. Shall I tell you what has happened? I have only come to work looking like a gothed up Liberace, that's what. I was a little dopey this morning and confused about what to wear. I had planned on a little dress and pumps, but I tell you what, after a few days of pump wearing my heels are SORE! I'm not sure what to do to stop the soreness (which manifests as a sort of bruised-ish feeling) but that's a whole other issue. I put on a ruffled sleeveless sheer blouse. Wow, even explaining it is tiring let alone looking at it. Anyway. I have that on along with my newly dyed skinnies (credit crunch tastic!). Alone that would have been fine but THEN I pulled on the fringed boots. I am all ruffle, from the front, from the side and then my hair is enormous and looks ruffled from behind...and oh my's just a whole lotta look. What a fool! I'll take a photograph tonight for your amusement.

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