Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Madam Kerr...a variant on the Le Smoking? I am all for it. I am so bored by the frocks in the shops at the moment. All these jewel colours and double layered skirts, it's all a bit girlbandy for my liking. Much better to get the boobies and the waist working and house yourself elegantly in a high waisted trouser. I was going to go for that look at the last wedding I went to, but alas I am terribly short waisted and I looked as though I was sporting an underboob bandage so I acquiesced, and made do with a frock instead.

So. Yes, go go go. But! I do think you need to apply caution with the top. I think this is where it can all fall down and frumpiness can get it's Ecco shoe shod foot in the door. As I had, oooh, hours to spare this morning I have found a nice goldish coloured top in Principles which might work nicely as well as an alternative, one shouldered slightly ruffled top from Topshop. I fear white might encourage fellow guests to gaze at you imploringly as they wonder what time the canapes get served whereas a different shade might shout 'PARTY' a little louder (whilst still not yelling it.)

I think the jewellery should be discreetly rock and roll (surprise!) also to harden it up a little. Fugly even. There is a fairly fug bracelet in Accessorise which is all ropey and weird which would be fabulous. I LOVE the idea of a slightly dishevelled chignon and a smoky eye. I imagine you will look DIVINE Kerr.

P.S. I bought the wetlook legging last week and tried them on on Saturday. I looked positively INDECENT. The Head commented that I looked "like I was off to some select party - probably held in someones dungeon" and then he tried to grope me. They are going back. It's not a look I can get away with day to day. I think if I had cool edgy hair it would all be fine, but as is, I have enormous girl hair and it is definitely not fine.