Monday, 24 November 2008

Don't want to be all mouth and no trousers...

HT, what are your thoughts on a trouser for a black tie do?

Specifically, a terribly high waisted wide-legged black trouser paired with a (as yet merely imagined) white satin top, the highest of heels, a slouchy chignon, some excrutiatingly tasteful jewellery, my beaded clutch and the smokiest of eyes.

It is my work Christmas party and I want to come across as intelligent, beautiful and entirely unavailable. All the women will be wearing dresses, and I imagine that there might be tits that are not properly housed. I also imagine that there will be shenanigans which I want to avoid. So I am aiming for achingly elegant, effortlessly fabulous and above that sort of behaviour. But I want to avoid feeling underdressed/frumpy.

Advice please!

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