Wednesday 12 November 2008

Live the dream!

You might be surprised to hear, Mrs. Rowan, that I have a dirty crush on the wet look legging. It is one of those items of clothing that I adore, going against all reason and indeed my better judgement, until the moment that I convince myself that I might just be able to get away with it and guility and shamefacedly take said item to the fitting room. At which point my dreams and aspirations are dashed as reason comes rushing back to slap me in the face and I weep quietly and vow never again to lust after the damned thing.

Except that I think the wetlook is even more extreme than most difficult items, and not to be considered in any way by those generous of thigh.

So, live the dream for me, and to hell with any suggestion that your legs might look better suited attached to the side of a house (which I don't think would be the case anyway).

In terms of the shoe I am generally in favour of a Stevie Nicks tribute, (isn't everyone?!) but I don't think a fringed boot would work. That legging is far too much of a nasty bitch to put up with a tassle, plus I think you need to flash a bit of flesh down there. So I would like to propose the caged shoe.

But please, please buy it. If ever there was the perfect item for your glam goth look that is it.

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