Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Working Girl

(Image via Banana Republic)

I have always felt that the lowest of the low (obviously other than Next, but that is just torture porn territory of hideousness, so we won't go there) was TM Lewin.

I worked one summer at a corporate establishment and they used to have TM Lewin sales in the canteen of an afternoon. And people went nuts. Seriously, it was worse than a Jimmy Choo sample sale. And that is pretty bad. But at least at the end of it you get a cute pair of shoes at less than a quarter of the original price. What was going on with the shirts was quite beyond me, and has continued to be so.

However, now that I am posing as Little Miss Corporate (I keep thinking that it will provide invaluable fodder for the novel I am yet to write, there has to be something good that comes out of this) my mind has wondered back the way of the shirt. It is just too hideously dull and faceless or is it a really easy and mindless way to look smart?

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