Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Jersey

(Image via Garance Dore)

I love a white shirt. Yeah it's easy, but it's chic. And actually it's not THAT easy to find a good white shirt. Elle has one that I feel a bit envious of actually because it fits very nicely (fitted but not tight) and I enjoy the sleeve a lot. I think if you can find a white shirt that fits beautifully, you're done. Just sling on a pencil skirt and you are The Office Friendly Hotness.

The same applies to white t-shirts. I can never find any that I like, Or I like them the first time I wear them, form a bond, get attached, and then I wash them and they shrink or change shape and what not. And yes I'm sure that wouldn't happen if I paid more and bought better quality, but we do tend to eat a lot of Mediterranean-y tomato based foods stuff in our house and I am always being spat at my bits of red sauce so that just seems like a false economy.

I found a delicious cut in H&M and so I have bought a few so they should last me a while. It does mean that all I seem to be wearing is a t-shirt and jeans ALL. THE. TIME. But...whatevs. It also means more time in bed of a morning not having to put an outfit together and I'm all for that lemme tell ya! I wish I looked at fresh faced as this little lady in mine. In fact I wish I had the balls (well, the legs actually) to wear a short short like this but that's a whole other post.

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