Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Specialist Subject

Ha! You know what? These ones are the boot embodiment of the day that some friends and I sellotaped another friend inside a phone box. Hoooo! How we laughed. (We lived in a tiny village, there wasn't much to do, what can I say? Don't judge me.) Anyway they make me feel a bit claustrophobic. I don't like them. They look as though a lightweight summer duvet has been wound round the model's leglets and secured with duct tape. In fact, do you have any idea how many colours you can buy that stuff in? There is a rainbow of duct tape available to us, the general public.

WOAH! I think I might be hearing from IT. I had no idea what a lot of 'specialist' websites there are about people who like to fashion outfits out of pretty coloured duct tapes. One innocent click and my computer went in to lock down and I expected alarms to sound. Honestly. So perhaps those Rodarte bad boys are more fetish than phone box. Search for yourself at your peril. (Google images has a LOT to answer for.)

I'm OK with an over the knee boot is it's flat and leather. Never suede. That is just too principal boy.

This is Lucy Vestris, the first Principal Boy EVER! (My gift to you fact fans!)

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