Monday, 17 August 2009

Coco The Clown

Oh I see, so it's out in the cinemas for the general viewing public now is it? I'd like to see it, but of course I won't. I'll wait to have a barny in Blockbuster about hiring it with The Head in about six month's time. (I'll be allowed as long as we take home something with Will Ferrel in it and we get a monster bag of Revels to 'share'.)

I think quite a lot of the girls in then office must have seen it because there is a high volume of pearl going on here at the moment too. Now, usually a bastion of all that is chic and stylish, this picture of Coco never fails to makes me laugh. If you're going to be channeling darling, make sure it's the early days hey? If I see you marching down the mall like this one day soon please expect me to have a word with you.

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