Monday, 17 August 2009

Close Knit Community

(Images via Asos)
I wouldn't know babes. Ann Twynham didn't like The Cat in the Hat so I was never exposed to it. Him. She preferred me to watch Cosmo and Dibs and Pigeon Street instead. (She also fed me tomato sauce and jam sandwiches throughout my childhood though so perhaps her judgement was questionable. It's a wonder I don't have rickets for God's sake.)

I like that skirt. I really like it to say it's basically a stripy bit of jersey. I like that model though too. I often fall for something on Asos that bit harder if it's on her. (Please see above, which I think may technically be heinous, but I like in theory. Oh actually you can't really see it very well in that picture but it's sort of loopified.)

I also dearly love this cardigan. It is stupidly priced though. It's almost £200. From ASOS. Are you kidding me?

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