Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Red Sky at Night

Shepherd's DELIGHT! I'm all for it princess. You know I love to match a nail to a lip to a toe. Today though I have black painted toes and a black frock and a black belt and black smudgy eyes (see how well I have stuck to my plan to embrace colour?) so I thought a black nail might be just a bit too Elvira for the workplace.
If you are going to tackle a red lip I would recommend a Bourjois one. Although the packaging is revolting IT is a really good lipstick. It stays on for ever and doesn't go all chalky.

So are we basing our AW09 look on the Addicted to Love video? I think we might be because I am all for a sheer black tight which I would usually turn my nose up at but now I'm really liking. Especially ones with little dots. They make me think of Paris although I do not know why.

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