Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hell For Leather

What is your take on the leather trend? I have been rather charmed by quite a few of the butter soft leather unstructured jackets like this one. But I don't really know how I would wear it.
(Images via Warehouse)

But then something unexpected happened when I saw an equally buttery skirt and was enchanted by it. It wasn't this one. Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it. I have always felt that a leather skirt smacked a little of hair metal groupies, you know? And that's not cool. But the one I saw was slightly longer and draped and just delicious. I just have to track the damn thing down now.

(Image via Oasis)
The dress might well be going too far. For God's sake there is no one in it and it has a paunch. Possibly not for me then... It is pretty amazing how something made of leather (which is always a bit naughty) can be so prudish and buttoned up. Wouldn't you agree?

(Image via Asos)

And now on to the thing that will probably shock you the most. I think the tight (p)leather trouser might be the new wet look legging (you know, when they were still actually desirable). And actually I think they are pretty cool. They are not for me (as much as I might want them to be) but with your demure little thighs and your totally rockin' style I imagine they might look quite simply delightful.

(Images via Glamour)
And just for good measure here's a sleb looking loverly in leather. That would be the look that I would want to go for. Leather but restrained, you know? Well done Courtney!
PS. Here is some further evidence... pretty conclusive, I think you will agree.

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