Monday, 24 August 2009

Bite the Bullett

Are you ever so slightly alarmed that both of us used the word reality and film references in posts that we were furiously typing away at the same time? I find it quite weird. Or sweet, like we are so in tune with each other. Or quite weird...

Anyhoo! I love Reality Bites. I have been thinking recently that I really should buy it on DVD. It makes me think of the times before Winona was a tea leaf and Ethan was a love rat. Ah, those were the days.

So, even if it is a little Reality Bites-ey I don't mind. I am very receptive to the idea of the worker boot with a prettier top half. Particularly on you as you are so mini and pretty and lovely. I think the combo would work well. I do have slight concerns about the fact that it will be the second time round. Not because I think you are thirty, more that when a trend comes around again it makes me feel like Methuselah. You know, like someone from the old testament who is totally out of touch with "the youth of today". There isn't much that is more damaging to a delicate vanity than to see people half my age in the same gettup I wore at that age.

If you can get over that, and for all I know it might not even be a concern, then I say go to it. But may I have permission to not join you? Once was enough for me...

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