Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Keep Away From Fire

Do you know who this lady is Kerr? This is Aisleyne from Big Brother 4. I think. Perhaps 5. Who cares, I don't want to get myself engulfed in the muddy water of detail. I bring her up because her catch phrase was 'know yourself'...which she kind of spat out gangster style whilst flicking her weave about. Obviously, I ADORE her. I can't help myself, I'm like a moth to a flame!

I think she would approve of me because I know myself. More to the point I know that this shoulder trend is not going to be great for me. My shoulders are too square already for this. The extra padding would lift those shoulders to comedic heights and I must avoid them at all costs I think. I will leave them to you, because it is a look I certainly enjoy.

I am going to embrace some sequins as day wear. I am especially keen on a nude sequin, but none of the high street shops want to sell me the item I have fashioned in my mind's eye, so I am going to just have to keep hunting. So that will be good won't it? We can have a trend each!

And now back to Aisleyne. She has a clothing range. I did not know this!

Can you see why I love her? Look at the colour of her! She looks as though she's been bathing St Tropez. Swooooon! The dress she is modelling is called 'Milky'. I find that weird so I'm just going to ignore it. It you should ever need some flimsy outfit in a man made fibre head over to Aisleyne's on line shop. It looks as though all the images have been shot in a car park, but don't let that detract from the glamma. Innit!

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