Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Over-The-Knee Jerk Reaction

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Not exactly a trend setter, you might think. Or not one that should ever be adhered to. And yet for the coming season it seems that me might be rocking her look. Or part of it at least.

Because yes, I think I might have found that incredibly difficult item that even though rationally I know I should avoid I want it so bad it is bringing me out in a rash.

The over-the-knee boot.

I know. I didn't see it coming either.

And yet here I find myself lusting after them terribly. And having conquered the skinny jean (although that might have been a brief triumph if I don't hot foot it to the gym pronto) I feel that I am ready to take on other clothing reprobates.

But is it a challenge too far? Look how delightful Miss Rachel Weisz looks in hers. Although with those pins and that withering glare who would doubt her? I'm not sure I would necessarily be able to stand up to questioning quite so admirably.

I wouldn't want to go the route that many of the designers have gone. Is it a boot or is it plegging with a shoe welded on? (A pleather legging, if you were in any doubt. Honestly with these skills I should work for Grazia.) Or has the model been hosed down with liquid latex? And deary me, just how high do they go? Are they an invitation to a nasty bout of thrush? No. Thank. You.

But a flat pair that comes just over the knee...? Couldn't they be scrumptious? Couldn't they be just the very thing? With a mini? And layer upon layer of knitwear?

Gosh, I'm dreaming of winter already! Can't wait!

In part I think I have just been lured in as they have merely been repackaged. No longer the thigh high boot, which really does scream Sunset Strip of an evening, or pantomime principal boy (well slap my thigh!) it is now the over-the-knee boot, which is far more palatable. Don't you agree?

(Catwalk images via Style.com)

And just in case you were in any way inclined to disagree with me I present my last piece of evidence: two of your favourite girls (in the same pair, at the same event, interestingly). Are you convinced now?

Oh, go on...! Pretty please!

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