Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's a Dirty Job, But Somebody's Got To Do It

Why oh why do you have to see beautiful things at the wrong time? I have an interview tomorrow and had planned to wear something (gasp!) that I already own. Of course I had a panic about it and a furious urge to buy something new, so I had a quick shifty around the shops this evening. I didn't find anything I liked more for the interview than what I already have, but I did spy this.

Toast is an interesting shop, some of their cuts and patterns are just not me at all but there are a couple of pieces in every collection that I would sell my first born for.

I rather suspect I have found said item for this season. This skirt is so incredibly beautiful there are no words. They had styled in with the cashmere top above, which is a bold move. And a bold move I rather like. Logic and common sense would dictate playing things down by pairing such a statement skirt with something less showy, like black. But not Toast, love 'em, they've gone all the way with plum? magenta? What would you call it? Other than heaven, that is. Let's not muck about. The combination was enough to stop me in my tracks and I fear that I will have to own both pieces come what may.

Just as I was starting to think that my patterned days were behind me in deference to a more muted, minimal wardrobe POW! this happened. I have to say, I don't mind a bit.

(Images via Toast)

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